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Land? They already released a land one. Tanks track spinning. Unless you're talking about infantry and not ground vehicles.

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OK. Did anyone here even read the article? You guys are retarded. Your not paying for anything that adds to the story or will make you miss out on anything. It's to get a head start. For new players. None of this is required to play the story. None of those adds to the story. None of this stuff required to enjoy the game. You don't need to drop another 50-60 dollars to enjoy the full game. NO. It's all optional for peole have little time to play or new players who find the game ha...

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This was in Black Ops 1 as well.

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Does the world need one? idk. Do I need one? No.

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Umm no actually PS3 has the most players. PC is dead last. Even behind 360.

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This isn't even accurate information. PS3 has the most players. Almost twice as much as PC sometimes. 360 is behind PS3. PC is dead last. I've been using this site for quite a while and PS3 always has the most. PC always has the least amount of players.

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Lol you have issues man.

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False satisfaction.

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Stop wasting your time on reading CoD articles..... Lol.

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Chill bro.

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No sales = Less/No games.

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Don't believe this review? Then why should we believe your short uninformed "review"?

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Really? You're seeing VIDEOS!?!? NO WAY DUDE! Play the game yourself before being a blind N4G CoD hating sheep.

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Lol. Slurp and gulp a pair of...

How bout actually playing the damn game instead of bitching about it.

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Shut up.

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If you guys want all gaming deals, black Friday or not, check out cheapassgamer. Best website for that.

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Here's an idea. Get off N4G and anything gaming related and YOU start the biggest movement for world hunger instead of complaining about it.

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That's awesome. It looks great. I really wanna buy a 360 just for halo 4(and gears) lol.

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Gosh you come off so immature.

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I don't have FIFA 13. My cousins do though. So when they come over we all play it. I've updated to latest patch, but this game stutters like crazy both online and offline. Is this a known issue? Or just me?

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