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Same here for the ps plus discount. Need to renew too but i always take Essential. Maybe i think about Extra but for now, Essential is just good.

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Try it with EA and Ubisoft. It's just the same. you buy games on steam that comes from other publishers, you need an account too to play.

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Devs don't need to apologize. The game is published by playstation and it is normal to require a PSN account to make. They were some technical issues so it wasn't need it yet if i'm right. If people buy games on Steam that comes from EA or Ubisoft, you also need an account to play. This is just the same with PSN and it's not new. I do understand some regions aren't available but the consumers bought the game and agreed the TOS. That's their own choice.

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This game is amazing and i love every second of it.

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Was also when FF7 Remake came out in 2020 when PS5 was also launching that year.

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And now many people waiting for the next FFXIV expansion pack Dawntrail. Also curious with new graphical update.

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I liked FF16 and i platinumed it. Nothing wrong with this game. I really enjoyed it. I do enjoy more with FF7 rebirth. Both FF7 rebirth and FF16 are great.

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I still love physical games to own but in the future, it will be pure digital one day. If physical games still want to exist, they'll have to make a new disc drive which will never happen. Downloading games is now much faster to install than installing physical games and filesizes aren't getting smaller over the years. Next gen consoles with physical games are mostly like 2 discs to install but depends which games. Terrible future or not, it will be one day. I'm an old school game...

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ahem ahem... Tank Controls are just how it was in the original. Back then, there was no joypad, just directional buttons to play. The controls are just the same.

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Aah, love this game back when i was a kid. Definitely day one buy!

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We need trials and demos like it was or renting a game to try before we buy. That's what i miss these days. I don't buy most games anymore on day 1.

I could be wrong but the studio seems to be from Russia. Never trusted those people.

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So many people think 30% smaller is not much compared to original PS5 when PS5 itself is actually big lol

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Yes finally over. The beginning... Of THE END. And remember: It's official on Friday the 13th!!

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Everything becomes expensive. There's no way back it becomes cheaper in the future, only discounts when it comes. I still use PS Essentials which is enough for me. I don't mind a 1 euro increase per month. I still don't get why everyone's surprised about price increases for gaming. Food, gas, electricity, rent, water,... what about that? Still cheap as 15 years ago? The only thing that is ridiculously priced, is a house.

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Then don't pay. It's everyone's choices what they want. 550 euros in my country is not that expensive for a console. Everything will be expensive and now for Xbox too. i said "it will happen someday" because they were rumors about it when the PS5's price went up last year and became anti-consumer and that for Xbox, they won't change the price and look what happened? jup, it just happened. And lol the dislikes.

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It will happen someday. Besides, those prices aren't that bad

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In the old days, internet wasn't a thing, so consoles didn't need internet yet.

VR is very nice game experience i would definitely buy PSVR2. DVD/bluray has become of the past and will die slowly. I still like physical disk than digital and one day, it will be all digital. Nothing wrong with it. The only thing they have to do is bring more demos so people know if they like the game or not. Still very important when it's only digital.

About che...

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Ever played FF9? looks middle-aged too but it's all fantasy and good game.

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I played it for the first time in 2013. I loved it but later it became boring imo. After years that i didn't play it, i tried again but it looks alot has changed and i lost my track to play, less servers than before. Still active players but i'm not sure it has grown years ago.

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It's a bug since the patch 1.06 came out. Before i finished other Rally licences, just not the S-5 licence. Polyphony knows the issues.

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