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That isn't even close to true.

There are reasons for people not to like it, but what you just said is absolutely insane.

They included an entire new game mechanic called Drive Impact that changes the entire way the game is played. Everything from strategy, pokes, and how you approach a match and opponent is different than any previous SF game. In my opinion it no longer feels like Street Fighter because of Drive Impact.

But yeah, ...

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I've been playing Diablo since the original and I have no idea what you mean by saying this is Diablo in name only.

So what do you mean? Because it has an online shop with cosmetic only items that only idiots would buy, that makes this no longer a Diablo game? Diablo 3 launched with an actual Auction House that required real money to buy legendary items. And they nerfed legendary item drops in the game to the point that you were lucky to find 2 legendaries in a single ...

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It really doesn't though. The battle pass will likely add more to the game, just like every other game with extended content. But you can still get everything in the game right now, even without the battle pass that is coming. It's not like you are being held back from getting legendary items until the battle pass comes out or anything like tthat.

And the MT's in the store really are just cosmetic. They are expensive as all hell, for sure. But they don't giv...

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Really? They BUFFED the Necromancer? I started out as Necro and changed characters because my skeletons were killing all the enemies before they even made it onto the screen. Every now and then a couple enemies would make it to me for me to kill, but for the most part my minions were killing everything easily. To the point that I was wondering why the game had so few enemies in it.

Then I switched to Barbarian and realized that there were a lot of enemies but as Necromanc...

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Are they making Helldivers 2? I loved that game! It died way too early.

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Right. And didn't they stop making PS4 Pros long before the new gen launched anyway? It makes me wonder how successful they really were. If they were selling truckloads of them why would they stop manufacturing them years before the new gen launched?

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But.....they haven't even quit making cross-gen games yet. We don't even know what the PS5 is fully capable of yet. Why would I want to go spend another $500 when we still don't even know what the PS5 can really do?

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I'm not thrilled with this roster.

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This game looks incredible! But knowing the history of it and how long it was in development hell makes me think there HAS to be something wrong with it. Games don't release in great shape after going through what this game went through. I'm really hoping this is the exception.

But to be fair, the original Dead Island was far from perfect but I enjoyed the hell out of that game. So I'm optimistic.

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Remember GameCube? What a great system.

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That isn't true at all. For one thing, Wolverine's yellow and black suit is his original appearance suit. He was wearing that long before he joined the X-Men. So that suit doesn't imply that he's an X-Man. Not at all.

Second, they don't need to show him joining the X-Men to have his suit. This could easily just be a solo game with Wolverine out on his own, away from the X-Men. Wolverine has had his own solo comics since the 80&...

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Yeah, 5 isn't a bad game. It's a bad Survival Horror game though. So if they wanted to remake that and just make it less action focused and make it more Survival Horror focused, then I would be okay with that.

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There's a very simple answer this "problem". Once all the classic remakes are done, remake RE5 and RE6, but just make all new games with all new stories and ignore the old ones.

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FEAR is awesome, but it isn't really survival horror. It's a normal FPS game with a little girl ghost that shows up in the backgrounds sometimes.

You have tons of guns and ammo at all times and you never fight anything other than soldiers through linear levels. There's really no Survival Horror aspects in it at all.

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You're probably right, but "currently in development" could mean they've been working on it and are only now announcing it.

Remember that last update when they announced it the day before it launched? I'm sure they've been working on this for a little while.

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It doesn't say they just started it. It says it's currently in development. They've likely been working on it.

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