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Yeah. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and read what they have to say, but it's suspicious in the face of other recent indies that've been praised.

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Nah. Just like with the 60FPS update, it'd be reputationally better for Arkane to follow through to include these two heroes and *then* stop making updates.

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Would be great if it came to Xbox/PS as well.

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No Western devs to blame this time. lol

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That's a fair point too. I would say that in light of its tepid critical/commercial response and ongoing mass layoffs across the industry I think it's understandable for fans to worry about the longer-term implications. We'll see how it plays out in the future.

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That genuinely, genuinely sucks. The reboot has clear flaws, but it really felt like a solid first step for this team to receive *greater* investment.

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-"They own the IP. It's theirs too do with as they wish."

That is true, but do you think it *is* right, though? Again, even with this not being a megaton alteration, do you think there's something to the principle of firmly adhering to a... 'remaster standard' that I laid out? I'd also argue it speaks volumes to the sensitivity reader era we're in that even sexy posters would get scrubbed from a game in a p...

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rlow1's cringe catastrophizing aside, I do think developers *ought* to strive to maintain an original work to the best of their ability. The language of a "remaster" tacitly implies that - for good or ill - what's being resold is what fans remember but better.

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Ye wouldn't be any fun on the high seas!

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Surprised to see them so rough against Open Roads and Harold Halibut (5's each).

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-"Subverting expectations with a well-lit area being the most dangerous possible."

Maybe I'm just misinterpreting the intention here, but well-lit areas being the most dangerous is a basic building block for many stealth games (old and new).

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Couldn't have said it better. ;)

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I mean... if there's money to be made.

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-"I ask for you to bring contrary evidence, so maybe I might change my mind, all research can be falsifiable."

But I literally read YOUR evidence and it doesn't support the broader claims you made at the start. I'm not sure where else to go with that.

-"Bring some research and we will discuss it. As of now you have only brought superstitions."

Bro, leveraging this kind of language is so wild in the face of w...

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Hey, if Gigantic can garner enough attention it can happen for LawBreakers too. Funny thing is that both would share a similar story if going multiplatform:

-Gigantic remained Xbox One/PC until closure
-LawBreakers remained PS4/PC until closure

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-"Speculation and emotion"

I mean... okay? Where am I wrong on 2.) though? Asking for a conflicting media studies research paper on this specific topic is already a random ask, given the environment with which these are made.

-"Might be an argument if you gave me something other than your own opinion and emotions over the subject, but it's left as an anecdote without any real research."

Wait. Just so we're...

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-"I remember being only one of a few people on this site that actually praised The Order when it for came out and got alot of flack for it."

That could've been the case right at release, but you should see more recent opinion articles on here. There's a pretty substantial cadre who defend it on here as being "unfairly tarnished" that I simply don't see elsewhere.

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-"saying something is "cringe" doesn't prove me wrong. You just throw words out and hope they stick. Bring some evidence to prove me otherwise."

It doesn't "prove" it, but I have a solid success rate with the term - which seems to be the case here too. With regards to your article, I should break this down into parts:

1.) For starters, bleating for countering "evidence" after brandishing a media analysis p...

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-"Last of Us 2, incels, homophobes, and closet national socialist types didn't like it. I repeat not all, but most."

It's so weird & cringe to see other gamers paint this broad brush of *who* didn't like Part II. Why take the "most who disagree with me are Hitler" type of mentality over game tastes?

-"The Order got hit from anti-Sony Xbox fans."

No other community I've dabbled in - be i...

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Hell hath no fury like a gamer robbed of his steelbook.

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