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Neither I insinuated that was the case nor, did I think Genji believed so either. It should be easy to understand lung cancer as a means of shorthand vs. HAVING to make a Wikipedia list for all related illnesses here.

Speaking as someone who's lost a family member from one of those others you've listed, I get that they exist too but, in the context of my response, I don't see the imperative to bring them up. And in regards to ig...

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"Besides, even heavy smokers won't die or get diagnosed from lung cancer until their 80s when their lungs can't hold anymore. It won't kill anyone in their youth."

In your attempt to make an overarching point about Ferguson's unnecessary stance you come off looking incredibly ignorant or uncritical in your language. I mean...those heavy smokers who make it are either the RARE exception who avoided lung cancer, had costly surgery, or made complete...

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Riiight...RDR2, which released in 2018, belongs on a disappointing games of 2019 list.

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Indeed. I dig that it's affecting some people positively, but I'm on the more negative side for this one.

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Oh sure, it definitely wasn't solely his choice to make. But regardless of how many were involved, it still comes off as...weird to see that kind of disconnect between an artist and fanbase. No doubt millions would buy/rent a SP Star Wars covering Chewy's adventures between Ep. 3 & 4 too.

-"Anyway it's not the look that matters but the personality. "

Yeah, I really hope they pull off Cal's arc.

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No, his quote essentially boils down to "we didn't do an alien protag b/c we feared that would ALIENATE the player." Like I said, I have no beef with anyone calling Stig out for that bad rationale.

"I can see journalists complaining the alien would be too lizard like or too white, or too small etc"

Do you mean journalists as a collective here? B/c I think you're acting in bad faith if you believe that's what they'd ...

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"Kojima's promotion for his games is always a lot weirder than the games themselves."

-Radio Call-

Col. Campbell: MGS2 would be disagree with you there.

-End Call- ;)

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I don't mind where Luke Luby is initially going in critiquing that bad defense. No meaningful amount of SW fandom would lose 'connection' with Kal were he a non-human protag. We've seen cartoons as early as Droid Adventures showing that shouldn't be a legit worry. But onto the terrible fumble(s) in the rest of the piece...

-"Believe it or not, he blamed Rey - the current lead in the cinematic trilogy - for filling the fr...

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You're misapplying that question to my question--which normally doesn't help a discussion. Just b/c I'm curious about FallenAngel's claim doesn't mean I'm resolutely on the opposite end (it'll be easy for MS to replicate US success). For one, I'm not sure how we'd be able to quantify what's hard/easy about that task at hand.

But just to go along with the question: I'd point to the fact that th...

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How so?

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*Looks at disagrees*

Now I'm really curious about this response. I mean...c'mon even one of the bads listed out at the end says "Dialogue constantly spells out metaphors." If it's THAT MUCH of a drag I'm not sure how you can rectify it also being briefly & clearly expressed or stated ("succinct") for the conclusion. Not trying to sound too much like an a** here but I anticipated something to at least explain this error.

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I'm having some trouble buying his reasons though. Because the two he's listed (i.e. communication & community) are "regulations" that don't apply to other games already. I'm pretty sure Dauntless is a good example.

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"It’s succinct, raw, emotional and overall enjoyable despite the script almost being its own undoing."

I'm not really following. Spending several sentences describing how overbearing the script can be makes adjectives like "succinct" feel inappropriate to describe SoS overall; in fact, that's the exact opposite of what succinct means.

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[Part 2]

-"Much like they never gave up on always online and eliminating used sales and ownership, the first idea didn't work but they keep on trying with things like gamepass and streaming ect."

Seriously, what is this language of hinging some of these issues on Game Pass here? Physical media is still very much a thing for Xbox One so I'm not sure how used game sales are being affected. In regards to ownership: that's been an issu...

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There's a lot of issues I have with the overall presentation of this argument. And I think certain issues comes down to equivocation or desperately stitching specious points where you appreciate looking as though you're ahead, yet your points to substantiate that are kinda flimsy.

-"It's whether people will buy new games when they can play them for a buck. The answer is absolutely yes, games are being devalued."

So what exactly are ...

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Recycling what I've already brought up and saying "read the title" isn't any shot across the bow. It's tautology.

"...and automatically assuming it did suffer."

Yes...that's what the examination is about. It's pretty easy to assume if one takes issue with a game's story they'll venture to examine why that's the case. None of this runs contrary to the usual opinion piece on here. I suggest you recon...

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C'mon now...even the piece's title is in the form of a question! This staff is willing to explore and discuss Days Gone's potential pitfalls. You've done more acting as though your opinion is fact then they have.

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I'm sorry but what does whataboutism regarding Breath of the Wild have anything to do with mijayire's comment? That game is not even brought up by him. Provide push-back by going AFTER the user's criticisms with points of your own.

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Ah I see. Well...I don't know. Buyer be warned across all formats atm. Appreciate the clarification.

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Yeesh! Even more annoying stuff to look forward to. I was going to try playing a little more today in hopes of giving a follow-up later (most likely as an update to this blog). I appreciate the info and hope other users take your complaints into account before making the purchase.

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