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I appreciate the compliment and insight of my reviews. And, while I understand you're not actively trying to defend me without knowing all the details, I also appreciate it. In respect to CarlDechance's "first to defend the site" accusation, I'd say he's correct in personifying it in that way (though the logic to saying that equals a "relationship" is tenuous at best). It's easier for people to fathom a conspiracy of me secretly being a reviewer they...

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Well...went over as well as I could expect.


Alright then? I feel like there's teasing going on here but I can't say for sure. :P


"You obviously have a relationship with q23 as you have been posting their crap since they first began back in 2015."

1.) You're wrong on the timeline of when Qt3 started, by about SEVEN years. 3d ago 0 agree3 disagreeView comment

-So...I guess I obligated to chime in on this. The answer: I'm not Tom Chick, nor am I a part of Qt3 in any other capacity than as a user/lurker. And to bring even further disclosure on this: I've yet to contribute any written material outside of the user-designated section on any gaming website (N4G and vgchartz is where I frequent). The only times I've made a site-specific equivalent of a 'paid review' was on here for Night of the Rabbit and Sword of the Stars: The Pi...

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No, that just means it was approved an hour ago (from when you typed that out). Original article is a little over a week old (didn't get approvals until later).

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The most packed Feburary of all time just got a little bit bigger.

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1.) If it were made by another studio/writers, there'd probably be improvements to the storytelling compared to what David Cage does: better pacing, less on-the-nose hand-wringing about its allegorical elements, less bad dialogue, and on and on and on.

2.) What is this nonsense narrative as though Detroit's being unfairly targeted by critics? It holds a 78 on metacritic with several critics--unfortunately--laudin g it as one of the great story based games of the ...

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You're under no obligation to...but you're basing it off that? It's just intentional mistyping poking fun at the culture today.

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-"Bad journalism is never really discussed. It is always "set aside" for some other issue."

In what context are you talking about? There are YouTubers who make a pretty penny castigating gaming news sites. Certain submissions on here touch on this stuff quite often. Not to mention opportunity is right at your fingertips either via user blogs or the forums--here and elsewhere. I'm not buying this premise as though critique of bad gamez jurnalism g...

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I'm kinda lost here. What has "gamez journalizm" done this year that's even comparable to TellTale's handling of its employees from a moral perspective? You're talking about hundreds of personal stories detailing some gross stuff done by an employer, which now suggests they broke California law in the process.

-A person sacrificing to move across states for this dream opportunity only to be fired ~a week later.
-Multiple accounts of ex-e...

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-"30 Days isn't so bad, how long did PS3 owners have to wait to get The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony for GTA IV? A lot longer."

Well, yeah.
That DLC wasn't even considered by Rockstar before MS put money down.

-"Still doesn't make it a very nice thing to do but MS opened Pandora's Box last generation by doing this type of thing, this is the result."

Tomb Raider ...

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I know. I was sarcastically playing to that stupid plot line here. ;)

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It's obvious AcesHigh just wants her to breathe better. Anyone? No? Can't say I didn't try.

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It's a great MP game that deserves a chance.

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Well, that's more of a YOUR history borne out from playing the game, but I still follow the challenge against historical accuracy bit. Didn't the first game have chanting druids and flaming pigs at your command? lol

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"I remember Heavy Rain getting nitpicked a little in reviews yet something like the Walking Dead which did things worse then Heavy Rain ended up getting Game of the Year."

1.) Heavy Rain came out in 2011, TWD: Season 1 came out 2012 so there's different levels of competition.

2.) Heavy Rain still received a great critical score and many accolades.

3.) TWD certainly didn't do narrative worse than Heavy Rain.

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But I think it's fair to consider what they were going for by having a more "authored" narrative experience. The choices were focused on highlighting YOU, as the player-character, and testing your morals for a given situation instead of having huge consequences to the ending. I'm not saying they always established that well in their games, nor do I disagree with other parts of your comment, but I think there's a disregard for the intent of TT...

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Rise of Iron has to be one of the strangest expansions in the Destiny universe, especially after The Taken King at least set stuff on track. Granted, it was a cheaper expansion (barely) and wasn't as hyped up but...really? That's it?

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The world needs more Gex.

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"Btw: 10/10 for State of Decay 2 and now the DLC gets 1/10. This just shows how these guys try to get attention."

1.) It's a 1/5, not 1/10. He doesn't go by 10's technically.

2.) I'm not really seeing what's so nuts about this. The disparity basically translates to: "I loved State of Decay 2 (main game), but I hate the Daybreak DLC." He goes on to explain why that's the case.

3.) 6/10&...

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Again, the general rhythm and implementation of said mechanics feels much different. While not as extreme, it'd be like discussing how Vanquish rips off Gears of War. How Free Flow was utilized & popularized in Arkham is still an industry for games in the same vein.

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