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Lulz, no wonder there's so many rage against corporate busineses these days, Sony has also been targeted. Like evil bankers, most consumer busineses are trying to hype and forget.

Vita was supposedly perfect, aight? Feel so sorry to those early adopters in Japan.

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In 2013 M$ and $ony will both move on to nexgen

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Be sure to shell out about 300 bucks (secured memory card and games incl'd) next year. Fingers crossed on battery life. This more fun than smartphones or tablets, true?

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Dear all die-hard Sony saints : Care to elaborate why somebody cannot critic Sony on public for his right to free of speech?

I'll dance on your hatred too.

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IF it's true, Sony may need to reconfirm it's AMOLED, not OLED as stated in PS Vita website :

The old OLED was introduced way back in 2004. Fundamentally, no substantial differences between the OLED and AMOLED, but huge difference to Super AMOLED or S-AMOLED+ in 2011.

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Wait and see mode too here... BATTERY always a concern to me, especially for such a hi-spec mobile gaming like PSVITA. It's just stupid for handhelds if you have to plug it on wall for long gaming sessions. IF it can stand more than 3.5hrs of continous playing (my minimum standard) then i'll get this baby eventually.

*eagerly waits for real-world reviews on PSVITA's battery*

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Sony doesn't give away big paychecks to hype like Microsoft, and she's not happy about it.

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"OMG, Indiana Jones is smiling looking at Uncharted" /s by Harrison Ford

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Drake's face very akin to younger glass-less Michael Pachter - the ANALyst

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Everybody knows it's a downside of being 'exclusive' to one console, without aggressive marketing ADs (e.g.GT5,Halo). If only it were a multiplat then more ppl would recognize it. It's great only in the eyes of specific gamers, not ALL gamers. But their opinions still disagree, as shown below.

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