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This game is going to be fun. Multi-player will bring Halo back!

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One of the people involved with the KOTOR remake hates KOTOR. What are the odds......

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What runs fine? The game is shallow. This is probably the worst "open-world" game of all-time, No CAP.

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Excellent that the founders are grandfathered in at $4.99, forever. Great move.

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It is a race to be the most woke. Big corporations are competing for the 1% of "woke" lunatics on twitter. It makes the other 99% of us have to deal with inferior quality. In reality they are just digging their own graves driving away all their customers.

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Agreed. Hell, Dr Seuss, Mr Potato Head, and being white is getting cancelled. Imagine not enough of minorities in the prep school, these people will complain about anything...and it's why gaming and entertainment as a whole will never be as good as the past.

Creators have to walk on eggshells to make sure their content checks all the boxes.

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This is obviously just a marketing campaign. You guys be stupid if you falling for the bluff.

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I think the fact that this could be true is all you really need to know. CDPR just needs to STFU for 3 or 4 months and fix the shit excuse of a game that they released

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I'm sure there is a market for in-game advertisements. I think multiplayer games can benefit from being cheaper and having a bigger player base and making up for it with advertising. If a game has 1,000,000 players weekly that adds up to a lot of people looking at a product.

However, if they charge for a full-priced game, have micro-transactions, AND In-game ads: You are a greedy company (I know, every companies goal is to make the most money) and will be criticized for...

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Great review!

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Trump ruined these people so much that they have literally taken over every form of entertainment to push their narrative. Hell, twitter outed Chris Pratt as a Trump supporter (there is really no evidence of this) simply because he didn't go to a Biden rally. It's a wacky world, folks.

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COD evolving from bro shooter into the most popular genre in the world RN, RIP everybody else.

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Depends, we did just have multiple mainstream Walmart shootings recently, so trying to distance themselves from guns....

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Hate to break it to you, but it's already being built...

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I too was confused by the terrible sentence structure of that title.

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Hopefully they can bring the franchise to newer heights. Great franchise!

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I can't really trust or agree with somebody who doesn't take the time to figure out the difference between "its" and "It's". Is it time for Activision to retire it is Call of Duty franchise. Please, whoever the fuck writes these articles, please put your hearts into it or some shit.

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Well duh it's going to go down in price. It can't fucking go up.

But Oculus has a great business strategy, get all the suckers that will pay $600 and when that well dries up go to a more consumer friendly price.

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You don't become the biggest by standing still.

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