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what needs to stop are the websites that will give a game a low score just for hits. It's perfectly understandable why EA is doing this.

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i haven't read the article but from my experience if the mmo is just being announced; by the time it gets released the unreal engine 3 will be dated.

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i confused too, normally its the closed beta that you need a code for

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too bad for you is that online passes are also starting to come to single player mode and an example of that is the upcoming title "Rage"


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why would i when the reviews already confirmed that it has no new dungeons, weapons or anything added to the story. Some reviews even said its more like a port than a remake. I'm not saying its a bad game. I already played the original and beat it 7 times so there is nothing to make me want to go out and buy a 3DS to play a game i have already beaten yrs ago. Its good for people who hasn't played it yet but i don't think they should go out and spend $250 for a handheld just to pla...

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its not a remake. its a port. the visuals arn't that far from the original. the only difference is that the controls are different and its in 3D.

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nonsense. You make it sound as if you need a 3dtv to play the games. They aren't forcing you to buy a 3dtv it's your choice.

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insomniac's decision to go multiplat. Insomniac is one of the best developers in the world up there with naughty dog so i dont think anyone has to worry about the quality of their games going down. And if the fanboys are still butthurt then you should have supported them more this generation by buying their games.

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well if EA offers a decent enough service and pulls all there software from steam it would give them the competitive advantage.

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based on what was written in the article. The game's difficulty is insane and thats what put the reviewer off. But like always its good to hear a second or third opinion before making a final verdict on a game so i'll wait for more reviews

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Been waiting for this game for years now. not sure i'll care when it finally comes out.

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why is the source of article for this an ip address? be careful guys

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if this is true then i wonder what epic could be thinking by only making improvements on only one supported platform of a multiplatform engine. If i were a multiplatform developer that wants to make both versions look identical then i might consider doing this with another engine.

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"The specific tech in question is related to the Xbox 360's ability to connect to a network wirelessly over WLAN, as well as its ability to display videos running in the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec."

Microsoft threw the first punch by suing Motorola for charging them a higher licencing fee than other companies and Motorola i...

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well if its not coming overseas then it's a damn shame but that won't stop me from playing it

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Most of those games are just remakes of games we already played. Where is Phoenix wright x Layton. When that game was revealed i was totally blown away. heres the trailer

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well you have to draw the line somewhere

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i really enjoyed nfs most wanted and my brother really enjoyed need for speed shift(the only problem with that game is that there was no drag racing but i guess it was pointless since the bugatti would always win and it felt like it had less cars and tracks than what was advertised.)

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they driving cars now

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i don't mean to sound like a fanboy but i have to ask. what good things can be said about microsoft

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