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Seems that they are building different versions. Next-gen version with 128 players, and current-gen with 64 players. The same is true for destruction and such.

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They sold the rights to Remedy awhile back.

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It is not a Gamepass exclusive thing, it simply is an Xbox thing (the BC team at Microsoft is able to go in on a game and update it without the need of any developer input).

In other words, the PS5 will not be having this because it is not a patch.

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Seems speculation, also he is saying that 2 out of the three games are coming in 2022 and 2023.

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It is the commitment that comes with it that Sony is simply not welling to engage in.

Imagine PS Now gets popular, people may start expecting games that release day 1 on Game Pass to release day 1 on PS Now, which will end up putting a lot of pressure on the Playstation subsidiary to start paying up money for the same publishers and hurt their budget. Unless Sony fully supports such an initiative, the Playstation subsidiary cannot on its own start it.


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It was actually dynamic, but some people complained that the resolution was low (it was 1440p max and stuck at that most of the time).

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Mate... What?

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No, I don't think so. Microsoft was interested in TikTok earlier, and seeing that that failed to go through, it makes sense that other social interaction companies see Microsoft as a potential buyer.

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new OLED TVs (C9 and up).

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I think it's the nature of the deal. They seem to have paid forward the amount of revenue expected from Xbox consumers instead of making a "per-month" or "per-played-hours" kind of deal. Furthermore, seems that the combined revenue expected from Xbox AND PC consumers is too expensive a payment.

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Wasn't it rumored that the next game will focus on Sally's early years? Why would the actor of Nate be in that?

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Seems like they want to move on from DOOM.

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It is not exactly a secret sauce. It is doing what it needs to do. VRS is a technique to increase performance by presenting some parts of any given frame in lower resolution. Basically, if 4 pixels in a frame are the same color for the next 30 to 60 frames, you can simply let the 4 pixels act as one and save some computation costs for other things in the frame or increase performance. It is not magic or a "secret sauce".

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I honestly am surprised people are calling this a next-gen open-world experience when the only thing next-gen about it is how it looks. The NPC AI is just stupid and the world doesn't interact with you in any meaningful way. There was much promised in 2018 that was cut from the final game.

These are the things they promised in 2018:

* rail system
* advanced physical destruction with real-time rebuilding (similar to RDR2).
* reaction ...

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Surprised that there wasn't a sequel planned for Series X's launch.

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Oh no.... Q4 is always too busy. Better to release it in 2022 Q1.

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Now now... PS2 launched with GTA3 in its portfolio. You can't beat that.

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I would simply like to understand where this whole "Microsoft did it in 360 days" come from. Microsoft made deals where the DLCs were delayed for other consoles (extra content that is not part of the main game). This is not comparable to what Sony is doing here with CoD. Sony made a deal where other users paying for the same content don't get all of the content until a year later. Both are shitty practices, but they are not equivalent.

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Thanks for taking my comment seriously, hope you have a good day.

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This article screams misinformation. It is already confirmed that a next-gen patch is under development to release in 2021.The articles ignores the next-gen patch and tries to suggest that only Nvidia cards will have raytracing as a permanent exclusive feature.

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