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The goal is to definitely make game pass the flag ship. Not the games.

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Don't try and lump sony and Microsoft into the category. Even if sony presentation didn't get you excited (I am) their tracks record supports a day 1 buy. Ms track record is trash. And this presentation was to be the turning point, and they dropped the ball again.

Ps5 day 1. Simple for me at this point.

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Planet coaster is why I'm getting next gen... Sony track record is why I'm getting a ps5

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Exactly. They had weeks to express this opinion. And out of the blue....

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This comment reads like an ad....

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Anthem was a worse game at launch than ff14 though. We'll see if anthem can fix things. I still own it so I'll give it another shot, but it needs a ton of fun added to it.

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I'm a playstation fanatic. I understand and agree with your numbers breakdown. But you overlook reality and logic. Sony is not going to sit back and let game pass be the reason a tide is turned. They will take that push by Microsoft serious. They won't test on their laurels. Sometimes y'all don't think before y'all new, not everything is anti Sony.

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I didn't like outer worlds, but if your claim to fame is being like another company.... you lack identity and innovation. Gamers, we have to want more than clone companies. The mobile market is full of clones, obsidian, keep taking risk.

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the same way positive news spreads after Sony showings....its almost like people are discussing how they feel. Hmmmm.

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as a gamer I like new experiences. Sony tries, that other place not so much

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That would suck. But if my options are 100 buck more expensive ps5, or an xbox.... guess I'm buying 2 ps5.

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This type of consumer logic is terrible. Why in the video game arena do you have to buy all competitors go prove something? Nobody buys a Ford and Chevy to prove they are really into cars. Ms enjoys consumers like you because they don't have to provide anything, just exist with a price tag.

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I haven't gotten one, and I'm buying a stadia if I don't lol. Jk. Stadia sucks...just like not receiving a free 10 bucks.

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I for one am not supporting this business practice. The quality will inevitably drop in the long run. Why hurt a hobby I love, only to complain down the road of not enough good games.

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Game pass will keep Sony on their toes

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You only think its best because ms ia doing it. People complain when other companies do it

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Tf Sony got to do with this? Your insecurity is showing.

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If tlou 2 didn't exist, what soulful won goty on this platform? What im asking does have to incorporate LGBT stuff to be considered, or no? Just asking. I don't give any articles chocks on this site.

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I thought xbox wasn't competing against Sony? That what Phil said.

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I bought it, I didn't like it. Check out some game play videos. You might find it worth the plunge

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