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Okay but there were still other consoles besides Playstation.

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Arcade version uses big screen HDTVs so its possible.

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Calling Deathloop a day 1 title is a stretch.

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Hell yeah new DDR

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Even some of the most powerful PC GPUs on the market have difficulty doing that with some games.

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And people give crap to GT7 for their prices. 😂

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EVERY time the game boots up? Yep, this doorknob has no idea what theyre talking about.

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They used their own in house engine called the RED engine. They never used unreal engine before.

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They mean it wont make development faster.

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You can turn off songs in the Showcase menu.

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I said they are a non issue, not that theyre nonexistant.

You can make millions in a couple of hours and never have to spend a dime even if you want legendary cars.

Yes the roulette tickets are some rigged BS but still have nothing to do with using real money.

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News flash, cars have always cost millions in Gran Turismo games. And this isnt the first time cars disappear from a dealership's line up.

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You completely made all of that up.

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The microtransactions are a non issue especially after the last patch. This review even talks about that patch and still complains. lol

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Nope. Tried to find an option to sell a car I bought from Brand Central. Can only discard it. :/

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Absolute monster.

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lmao Im surprised you never ran into that before completing the game. You must have been managing your fuel pretty well. 😂

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Are you sure fuel consumption isnt enabled for that event?

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Theres nothing really visually exciting about race tracks in real life. Driving on them is the thrill and GT7 nails it.

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