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Not on every track sadly. 😔

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Imagine being so paranoid as to think theres some conspiracy that the critics are out to purposely score Xbox games lower than what they deserve.

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Rwview bombing? 😂
Im not talking about the user reviews.

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Why does it have a lower metacritic average than GT7?

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Has a lower Metacritic average than GT7 though. 🤔

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It has a career campaign but its an always online mode just like with GT7.

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The PS5 needs to be jailbroken for this to work. Sony isnt exactly allowing them.

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They were *never* a problem..

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They made 5 of these?!

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Okay but what about all of their other IP?

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Its not exclusive. lol

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Ps+Extra Game Catalog doesnt stay in your library.
Either way, its no big deal. You can probably buy it new for like $10 in many places.

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I wouldnt call it a waste. Thanks to that presentation, we saw how rough it was looking and spoke up about it. Now they are taking action based on feedback.

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I only played the demo but Forspoken never looked like 720p to me.. though the visuals overall werent that great to begin with. I still preferred the 60fps mode regardless.

When I learned that Tchia was only 30fps I couldnt believe it. Seemed pretty sad considering that game doesnt push any boundaries. At least they added 60fps like a week later.

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"You are the one who said the year Xbox won Metacritic's Top Publisher For 2021, was the year you made a dust collector out of your Xbox."

Flawlessmic didnt say that AT ALL. Youre so caught up in your feelings you cant even read properly.

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Probably because the studio doesnt exist anymore. 🥲

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Shadow of the Colossus already runs at 60fps.
Its possible to play The Last Guardian at 60fps with an unpatched disc version too.

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Lol what? Its pretty obvious since the first teaser.

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