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I like the black more but hate that they do this, early adopters get less options and while it makes business sense to mass produce limited amount of colors it sucks as a consumer showing loyalty and you get less options.

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im just wondering why can you only edit or uplad last 5 minutes if its recording last 30 minutes of gameplay. why record all that extra if it cant be accessed? I am however exited and its a great write up

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its funny people say they arent gamer friendly but the fact they spend the money to get the games to have that exclusivity is gamer friendly. having deep pockets and using them to give to the gamers whilst consoles dont make a lot of money is a good thing folks

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hysterical could respawn be working on a non titanfall game for ps4

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but lets be real the ps4 is lauded as the gamers machine launch line up is mad weak in comparison to X1. I have preordered both thinking infamous second son would be launch and doesnt drop until feb 2014, and im like knack is trash, killzone is pretty but just ok, then you look at dead rising, ryse(still shaky) KI (20 bucks) and forza its a no brainer really. MS has fallen vicitim to snowball of bad press whilst actually locking up more important exlcsuivity in terms of games and content. Mea...

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with that said, how much is a game on vita and how much is a game on IOS?

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Has he not seen all the trailers with banana hammocks, shark suits and the tomfoolery? live under a rock?

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hilarity at its finest, COD ,battlefield, madden, fifa,you name it , it sold better on 360 get a grip. Theres no reason to bring in fanboy nonsense. The ps4 will be great, the ps3 was awesome in its own right as was the 360. The X1 will be amazing too...

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i think people are expecting bigger leap in graphics/technology than actually will come. a lot of it will just be in the little nuances IMO

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They will talk about titanfall do a recap and give away the release date at PAX next week

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no way, I HOPE to baby jesus himself your right but its something the big wigs give away not Major nelson.

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nice interview

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LOL that would imply xbox one will have flash player...dont think it will sadly

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all around good news!

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I can see the privacy thing but then id have to be naive to the fact if you have a smart phone you have a camera, that can be hacked, that has GPS trakcer wherever you are. If you have a laptop probably have a webcam that can be hacked, and so on and so forth...not ideal but its the world we live in.

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FOR those hung on specs realize the wii won last gen, get it straight folks a combination of content, online service, and hardware wins these wars not just hardware.

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This will either have a great effect or allow folks to buy whats on shelves and that could be XBOX one. most likely will create a frenzy like it did with wii and keep them in high demand

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At some poiint trying to mock MS just becomes petty, they are dominating in every aspect they can at the moment yet constantly want to attempt to throw mud at MS. "Act like youve been there before" is all i can say!

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You do realize MS showed UI back in may right? it was shown at the reveal of the consoles hardware...SMH some folks

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All sounds pretty awesome , hope they do a reveal/walkthrough of the UI when they announce release date!

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