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Definitely a poor "one more thing" showing. I think most gamers would agree that cinematic trailers can do a decent job of showing off the tone of a title, but what we really want to see is the gameplay. Especially with a new IP.

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I was left underwhelmed after playing the demo. I just couldn't get into it. Combat felt pretty good, but everything else was so bland. Visuals, level design, characters, voice acting, enemies were all boring and dated to me.

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Im a Playstation guy, but im truly rooting for xbox to show off an amazing first party lineup this year.

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I just beat the game (which is shocking because I'm not great at shooters at all), and I still can't put it down. The gameplay , haptics and audio are so good.

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Keep going! Biome 3 was definitely the most difficult one for me. Eventually you'll unlock a shortcut that stays unlocked, even upon death.

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Astro playroom 83 Metacritic, spiderman miles morales 85, demons souls 92 , sackboy 79...dafuq r u talking about? Great launch games (personally think sackboy is much better than 79, but thats me).

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The game is fun. I didn't care for the characters before playing. But now that I'm learning their unique abilities and unlocking customized gear/taunts, I am starting to enjoy them.

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This game is a blast! Multiplayer is a riot. Also working on the single player challenges to unlock rewards, and still having a ton of fun. Not to mention this game is gorgeous on my 65 4k hdr set. And this game has fantastic utilization of the Dualsense. I often FEEL how damaged my vehicle is before I visually SEE that I'm driving on my rims and/or my truck is smashed open.

Watching videos doesn't do this game justice. If you have the opportunity, get your hands on...

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Greatest game of all time, confirmed

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This looks amazing. I absolutely love Little Nightmares. Cannot wait for Little Nightmares II. And tgis looks like a scifi Little Nightmares, but with some action as well.

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These are all ps4 games. Just put them on a portable hard drive.

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This game is too damn hard, lol. A few hours in and I'm still on the first level.

When can I start summoning other players to help this wary warrior?

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He has a point. Both of these new consoles will be sold out for many months. We will see who can carry the momentum qfter the first year.

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I want to be surprised. Don't just give fans what they think they want. Deliver things the fans don't even know that they want.

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Whats your ps4 upload speed? Thought id be able to shareplay, but the ps4 is still saying my upload speed is too low

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Bgw320. Installer said that theyve been installing these for about a month.

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I just upgraded to at&t fiber, which now comes with a new wifi 6 modem/router. Nice. Anyone know what differentiates wifi6 from the rest?

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Well, looks like I'm rebuying Control. Cannot wait to dive into this Alan Wake expansion!

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Gotg 1)Tlou2 2)GoW 3)Death Stranding

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