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Sorry for my bad grammar I did my best.. not native English speaker it's obvious I think, I hope I pass the msg I wanted, I just write how I felt.

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SE did even that, they ruin even the most popular & most favorite by millions FF in the series, now nothing left for them to ruin, they have officially ruin everything they could, this game can't be called FFVII remake, the FFVII we all know use the ATB battle system & in the FFVII the fans know we can control all the members in our party, not just one were we hack n slash everything around us, this is FFVII as much as Devil May Cry is FFVII, other than name this have nothing to d...

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Disgraceful, I can't believe how low this company fall, they don't respect anything anymore even FFVII their most important property, the most important game in the original PlayStation & the most favorite game for millions of gamers (mine also) all over the world, just watching what they did to this game it pains me greatly.

When we the old fans try again & again with various campaigns/petitions convince Square to remake this game for all those years for al...

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I haven't play the game but I check user reviews in steam just because I was curious if it's really so bad like this dude says & it have over 100 positive reviews & the people there point that some issues with the controls or UI have been addressed already with patches few days after it's release, so this guy "rage" just to rage, I will recommend to find other resources to get info & opinions about this game as there countless people who fall in love with thi...

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Is he seriously ask & accept to get a censored game? what a fcking idiot..

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Listen what "TheOneWhoIsTornApart&quo t; said, I play JRPGs for 18+ years Xenogears is my all all time favorite game along with FFVII, I'm not saying that other Xeno games is bad but this was truly a Masterpiece.

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They stall obviously because they know what is going to happen when they finally reveal what they plan to do but they can't stall 4ever the shitstorm is inevitable they can't escape from it.

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To be honest I don't believe that I would like what Nomura want to build, it will be something entirely different from the game I fall in love with so many years ago, just the fact that he plan to change the battle system is more than enough reason for me to never ever play it, I believe when they finally complete it, it will be an abomination, they don't make this game for old school FFVII fans but for the new generation of gamers who never play it back then, in short they betray the...

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Is it possible guys for PS4 to surpass the 155m consoles PS2 sold? :) what do you say? me personally find it extremely hard/near impossible because the price will never drop so low compare to PS2, that was the main reason PS2 sales reach those numbers, at some point you could buy a PS2 for just 80-90$ so it was very easy even for poor people to buy one, PS4 price will never drop below 200$ & this will be the reason it will never reach PS2 number sales imo.

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" aimed for the next 'evolution in Censoring'" ROFL

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I'm thankful I won an ALPHA key recently for Black Desert Online & had the chance finally to play it after all those years w8ing, & it was amazing experience what a game...

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Me2 the new Lara is nothing like the "original" Lara in appearance or attitude, old Lara was always cool, always full of confidence, sexy & bad ass the new one is always serious, it looks frightened some times cold bloody killer at others, shes not fun anymore, that's not how I remember Lara, this image doesn't suit Lara at all.

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That's what I was talking about in some other article about how the new TR have nothing to do with how TR used to be anymore, the first 4 TR games back in PS1 was a hardcore, exploration/puzzle game with lot's of platforming that require precision & skill, one single mistake was enough to die, shooting was something that just happen here & there just to change the mood it wasn't the main focus of the game, in short the original TR games was around 65-70% exploration/platfo...

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I seriously wish for Nintendo to go bankrupt & exit from console business because they have no idea how to do business, one ridiculous decision after another, they will never learn & when someone can't learn better leave to someone else do their job.

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Not sure if serious or trolling... ~__~

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OK let me say it in another way & I hope you get it this time, I never asked from TR to completely remove shooting it was part of the game yes but in the classic TR games shooting was there just to move the story forward, also it was like small breaks here & there to increase your adrenaline or scared you at some parts, in short encounters in classic TR had meaning it wasn't like now that occupy the biggest part of the game, classic TR games was about 20-25% shooting & 75-80% ...

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Do you seriously compare how much shooting old TR games had to the new ones? in old TR games you could explore for 30 minutes & shoot for 2-3 minutes in the new ones you explore for 5 minutes & you shoot for 15 minutes... that's how things are more or less did that remind you some other game maybe? (UC gu-hu gu-hu...) lol...

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As a fan of the old original Tomb Raider games (TR 1-4) back in PS1 is impossible to not agree with this review, TR was for me all about exploration, traps, tombs, ancient ruins, hard/smart puzzles & extremely hard platforming, TR was made for hardcore gamers, it was one of the most hard games I have ever play (especially 3 this one was a nightmare..) but in the age we live devs try to cater as much as possible to the casual crowd & casuals want their games easy with non stop brainles...

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