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If you are talking about playing AAA titles then would easily pick ps4. Sony has a history of great games and continued support for their consoles well into their life times (TLOU). PSN service is just as good and in some cases better then XBL maybe not early on but it definitely is now.

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I must say this looks really good.

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Agreed about it not looking next gen thats why I want to know if this is the ps3/360 version or is it being played on ps4/xbone.....???

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Quick question is this the ps/360 version or next gen console version?

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I will say this having taken a year off of COD and being fatigued I will pick this up because it looks better then the last few COD'S and will be fun to just get a quick FPS fix. Im looking forward to BF4 more because of the type of game it is and the amount of work put into it.

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I know its innocent until proven guilty but that being said in today's age we know facts of cases well before trial so I applaud ea for this

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Completely agree to me cod ghosts is what mw3 and blops 2 should have looked like.

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I have looked at this game and to me this is what mw3 and blops2 should have looked like on ps3 and 360. But they have not put any effort in making cod look better on current consoles. And as popular as cod is i must say it seems to me like there is very little hype compared to years past.

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I really hop not I get married on the 19th so wedding planning going on during that time I would get no game time lol

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Are you saying a controller that still uses AA batteries is a superior controller? in 2013? hm cant really understand your logic but to each his own I suppose.

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I think there is more to this story to come. Like for instance are they scrapping the rip to HDD? If not it becomes a master copy. If so then its the same as it is today which imho is not a bad thing.

However what if they keep that feature but once you rip it you can no longer sell it trade it or barrow it(the disc) Im not sure thats even possible but lets hope for gamers sake that it is not.

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I think they will have to drop the rip to hard drive feature because it will create master copies essentially

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This creates another problem for them because a single disc will become like a master copy and can be passed around and downloaded unlimited times so im thinking that they will probably have to get rid of that feature...

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Hmmm interesting sooo does that mean the game will no longer have to be ripped to the HDD???

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I could be mistaken but isnt it really hard to pirate blu ray disc based movies/games? so if that is the case why is drm needed?

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Just pre ordered from gamestop required 100 dollars down

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Just preordered at gamestop

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I know that I gravitate towards sony products but that being said I'm not sure if relying on windows 8 is a good move for microsoft. It seems like the general public doesn't like the UI that much and I think that is proven by the serious decline in PC sells dropping shortly after win 8 was released. And I'm pretty sure the surface is struggling. The idea is cool to have all these things intertwined but just not sure how well it will do. Also they should really focus on their core ...

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man i couldnt agree with you more

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oh boo freakin hoo go buy a bigger tv with more hdmi inputs and a bigger stand so you can have all your consoles on one stand.

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