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do you smell that? the smell of 360s being FRIED trying to play this lol
no, im DONE with GTA, give me my killzone2, socom, gears2, fable2 and im done

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dam, forget about this game, its never coming ! lol

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you are so gullible... smh

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lmfao, this article is just some one TRYING to find some dirt on killzone2, and the best they can do are bad controls? wow, try again

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GTFO, you cant be serious?! lmao to save money!

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like for example, audio/video streaming out is out for the final version of HOME, idk if they will release it during a beta...

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but not entirely great! think about it, we will never going to have the FULL features in a beta...wouldn't that just defeat the whole purpose of a beta?

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wow that's so retarded

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i got into the beta wooooo hooooooooo

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it's so official

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serious, these are all just ASSUMPTIONS! people please, stop fantasizing about ideas that a system can be... none of this is OFFICIAL so for all we know it can come in one, two, or in three years

playstation said themself (official) that the ps3 is on a 10-year life plan
idk bout 360 but soon cause it lacks features that will be needed to last 10 years (blu-ray)

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a playable version? haha hopefully they dont lie to you just like in E3...." here are we playing gears 2 LIVE..." then the video stopped and the video started playing again hahahaha that was epic

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not so much of an improvement from gears1( graphically speaking) but of course still getting it

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when a 360 fanboy site like this one rates a "highly anticipated" game like too human a very low score is when you know that the game is HORRIBLE .... live with it

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lol miyamoto prob got pissed at 360 taking their avatar idea.... sony and nintendo tag teaming up against 360? lmao

idk bout you guys but im following w.e. the asians are doing lol !

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buy a ps3

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innovation? HAHA yea..ok (sarcasm)

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