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The ps4 is the best console by far available

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The prices are thousands of dollars for one of the new ones. Lol.

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What a silly article. There are hdr games on ps4 now and even though the article is a few weeks old it shouldnt have been written because sony said hdr games were coming out this year

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I really love the graphics on this game and even though im not a big fan of any cod after cod warfare i wished there was a cod mod warfare on psvr. I do like this game a lot though even though its short

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I like this game a lot and its actually one of my favourite game this generation . I hope there will be a sequel

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Ps4 shipped over 48million console by now and xbox one shipped about 23million. Game companies would rather do deals with sony for the ps4 because it has such a large install base and their games will sell better on the ps4. Unless microsoft is willing to offer a ridiculous amount of money i dont see why people would prefer their games exclusively on xbox one

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Playstation dominates in all regions

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4k 30fps tomb raider enhancement for me since i dont mind playing games at 30fps

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Hopefully killzone shadow fall and driveclub gets ps4 pro patches

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How can they improve on a game that already looks so amazing. Hash-brown * magic

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The one that the player likes more

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First 4k gaming machine. I cant wait to get it first day

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I already own it and its amazing

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Psvr is amazing and i know vr is the future. Psvr actually s the most immersive I've ever been in a game and i cant wait till majority of games have vr support.

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