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Helldivers 2 was a lot of fun but as with most service oriented games it's best to take breaks and come back to it when there is an abundance of content. Perfect timing with the Elden Ring DLC droppings soon but I'll definitely be popping back into it in a year or so when there's fresh content I haven't experienced

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@crimson Helldivers 2 is everything right with service games. The micros and battle passes are not remotely predatory and there are plenty of ways to earn the currency to unlock that content at no cost to the player. Everything is not as black and white as everyone here pretends it is. There are levels to it and some live service games are clearly out to exploit and extract as much money as they can as opposed to games like Helldivers that were obviously made with player experience in mind.

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How does less factions translate into more success? Makes no sense. No you can't just play the exact same way as the bugs and expect to be successful against bots.

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I agree I wish they would go the souls route and make gear more unique to reduce the junk loot. Tho I do like how it gives the endgame legs to go deeper into ng+

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The actual fuck are you saying lol

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Think this is how a lot of D4 players feel. Don't get me wrong, D2 was pretty bare bones before LoD came out but that was a completely different era of gaming. With the budget they had for D4 that game should have been much better out of the gate. I for sure have no intention of spending another dime on it until years down the road

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Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction came out about one year after Diablo 2 released so timing wise it's fine but it better be bringing a lot to the table if they seriously want this game to have legs. As it stands there is no reason to play D4 over it's predecessors which have more fleshed out systems and better content

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Steam is argurably the best way to gauge whether a game is good. Not only does it require that the reviewer owns the game, it literally shows how many hours they played. So when you're reading a review by someone with 300+ hours in a game you know that at least the person behind it has some idea of what they are talking about.

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@Christopher None of their side projects that are based on older games have the name recognition that FF does so comparing the two is disingenuous and I think you know that. Everyone always likes to whip out the old "turn based is dead" argument but look at Bauldur's Gate. FF is desperate for a true return to form and I'm 100% with Crimson that FFXVI was not it

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I'm sorry but the glory days was 1942

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How so? Not defending the game btw just trying to understand what they changed.

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I'm not gonna sit here and defend the poor endgame that D4 currently has but all of those games all have had years worth of updates and expansions. D4 is just at the beginning of it's life like does anyone remember D2's endgame pre LoD? I'm about as pessimistic as it comes with Blizzard and live service games in general but at least give them some time to actually try and make it better. They nailed the tone/style and the combat is decent. Hopefully with some major content dro...

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Least surprising? So From does a great job of actually marketing what their game is. Sweet.

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If you aren't prepared to lose a single level 100 hardcore character let alone the hundreds you will most likely lose getting there then you probably shouldn't play hardcore

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No we just live in reality and know that even if 10,000 people choose not to buy it for those reasons, there are still hundreds of thousands of people that don't give a shit that will. In context, many of the things you listed are fine or even preferred for certain types of games. It isn't some never ending slippery slope that will ineitably get worse. All of those things are here to stay and cosmetic mtx that are completely ignorable are hardly the most egregious implementations of a...

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How is turn based dying or almost dead? Pokémon is one of the biggest RPGs in the world and is and has always been turn based. To some it is a plus especially when it comes to FF since the first 10 of them all are and are arguably better games than any FF to come after

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I would give my left nut for an infinite undiscovery pc port

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I mean Kaozz is right. Nobody is required to buy these. If you simply pretend they don't exist, it doesn't change your experience at all. Companies aren't going to all the sudden stop putting mtx in games, especially games that require as much maintenence as an online multi-player experience like diablo. If you don't like it, don't buy it. But for people that wanna throw money at the game for a cool hat, let them because that will fund the updates and dlc that people who d...

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Meanwhile at M$: "Hold my beer"

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The game looks straight up bad

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