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I would be happy if all major companies pulled out of any CCP contract for a year. Just a year. I know it sounds stupid, because these companies don't care if the money was printed on the human skins of the Uyghurs, Tibetans, HK dissidents. But still, it'd be awesome if they pulled out of China (CCP sponsored companies).

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John Cena... Wow, I am super disappointed in his kowtow to the CCP. However, I loved that he called Taiwan a country!

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Overly bloated... And the only way to make the game more interesting is to create new characters with new super combos (which are probably the same as some others) to defeat your opponent in a series of crazy 20 or 30 button pushes.

Anyway, I'm a Mortal Combat, Soul Caliber, Street Fighter, DOA gamer. Why? Just re-read the aforementioned!

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$10,000 in game cash? That's like a penny when it comes to buying some of the stuff on GTAV

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LOL! What about Mario and Sonic? I think they've been on more generations than anything.
But yeah, GTAV needs to be let go. It is old AF! Time for a new cash cow from RockStar!

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Meh! Go play Zombie Army 4 if you really want to enjoy shooting zombies

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And... Don't bother... That is, unless you're interested in watching 20min long character creation stuff.

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Meh... What'evs... Go make a sandwich!

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If you're expecting any type of game similar to any of the DOAX stuff, you're going to be disappointed. Or... Well... I was.

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Wow indeed! It takes 21 seconds for the PS5 to load a level

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There's male nude mods, too... You seem to be the type that'd like that.

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Obviously, that's too much for some people. I mean, heck! Even reading the article to find the link is too much!

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It's actually not bad for an old-school type game... with nice customization, and and and I do mean "nice" customization!

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It sure as hell not the puzzle gaming... I mean, it's not that bad...Actually, a bit of fun... But absolutely not "great!"

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There's the link to the site that hosts the mods...
Just sayin'

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Some have two. The second one is the mouth.

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So... If I were to call my developer and publisher "mostly negative" would I have also been banned?

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Multi-ply...? Plywood? Toilet paper?

:D :P

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Femshep with the Asari stripper outfit!
If they take that ability to mod it out...

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