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After the Kinectless sku, titanfall, ea access.......
Nothing seems to be able to stop the ps4. And nothing will.

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With a bunch of great games.
But I guess u wouldn't know the difference.

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And that was your Sunday joke everyone!

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That would be the best way to spend money imo.

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That s what I ve been saying from day 1.
That move has been the greatest MS has done in a long time.
Microsoft had a strong press conference imo,
Great bundles, strong multiplat showing, halo, Id@....
Quantum break and sunset drive were my favourites.
The only thing I didn't like was that sneaky so called TR exclusivity(timed).
Great job Phil.

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U did!
U said few mouths

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My vita is also mainly used for remote play and few ps+ games .if Sony could make the next xperiaZ compatible with psvita that could change everything. With pstv and psnow, developers would be more willing to take some risks if they knew their games would be available on many more platforms.

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When I asked vgchartz how come x1 life to date sales were always going 100k higher week in week out even though it has been selling bellow 65000 most weeks, the reason they gave me is that totals are corrected any time they have new figures available and so I asked why those sales correction only seems to be happen on xbox hardware nobody ever replied to me??
I m not a fanboy and actually own all 3 consoles but I have noticed something s fishy about vgchartz numbers and have been for ...

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America yeah!!!

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Great news indeed.
Really liked RYSE so I can't wait for what s coming next.
Keep up the good work Microsoft.

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Taking the time to make a great game, is not something to be worried about unless you work for EA

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X1 is not that inferior. Great games are coming for it.
Some people here think x1 is as powerful as a WIIU. After playing RYSE I knew that machine means business.
I still think ps4 is more powerful but that never been the main factor in console gaming
Ex :ps2<GameCube<x1
And guess which one had the best game library?

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Love my ps4 to death but I m really enjoying my x1 and WIIU. I can understand why not everyone can afford that but some fanboys should try that just to remove that mind control that a brand has over them.

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Sony has the luxury to keep all their aces up their sleeves for now, next year they will show their game just when x1 will start to pick and by doing so, breaking the competition momentum.
That is called strategy.

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The bf4 rant is one of my all time favourite.
I ll say it was, wait for it legendary

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Dude if u re happy with u re x1, why are u so butt hurt about PlayStation sales?!?just ignore it and carry on playing on your fab console.

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I agree with u on everything except on Sony becoming complacent. If u know playstation like I do, u know that they keep this cards close and they really start pumping great software after year 1 or 2. U don't rush creativity, u let it comes to maturity on its own.
Compares to ps2 and ps3 launch, PS4 has already provided some amazing games .

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How many people disagree with u is just mind blowing to me.
U are so right.
The gamer is the real winner. And a real gamer always wanna win.

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I m playing the last of us remote play at work without any massive lags.
Oh freaking cool is that.

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