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while not always the case but when a dev has a review embargo until the day of launch, it's not a good sign; especially when it comes to ms games lol

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i just hope you can play it infinitely with no definitive ending.

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would this be an issue if you played on a monitor?

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i don't know a single person on that list lol

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why does this need to be an article? lol you literally just get the warbond and play until you have enough currency to unlock it- like everything else.

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like i said: fake baby rage and bandwagon hate. res4 wasn't really that scary, either, and was already taking the series into more of an action-oriented direction at the time. 5 was a good game that people fake-hated because of co-op that you didn't even have to play lol hence the fake rage and bandwagon hate. i mean, it obviously did well enough for capcom to go ahead and make 6 the way they did, right? if 5 was so bad, they would have changed what 6 was during development. the...

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it was "misunderstood" because they introduced co-op into the franchise at a time when people loved to have fake rage about co-op. like, you could play the game as a solo experience, but people chose to have their bandwagon rage because it was cool at the time lol

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that's why you don't jump the bandwagon on new tech. you spend potentially thousands of dollars to not only look like a tool in public, but also look like a fool when stuff like this happens lol

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kind of hard to complete missions when you have a bunch of either under-levelled players trying to play on difficulties they don't belong in, or people that very obviously farmed xp but don't know how to actually play the game, and queue up for 8+/9 difficulty lol

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for those that don't wanna go to the site:
April 24, 2024

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ms spent nearly a 100 billion dollars the past few years trying to BUY success and not grow their own studios, and what did they get? redfall was complete trash(lol), darktide was actually pretty good, but the devs are stupid af, and bethesda... starfield has got to be one of the most average, generic games in the past decade, and some people actually thought it stood a chance to be goty? l.o.l.

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the game just sucks, tbh. i had pc game pass at the time and was kind of banking on this game to make me want to keep my subscription going since i liked payday 2 so much, but it's just so generic and lacklustre. all the stuff you can do in pd2 is still there, but ehy're somehow managed to take all the fun and life from the game, and turn it into basically just a bad cod campaign enemy respawn simulator.

i remember watching the dev vlogs, and them saying how they ...

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ms is just extremely desperate at this point. some people seem to think they have this grand scheme, or well thought out game plan where they're gonna eventually just take over; they're not. they're hemorrhaging money trying force game pass and throwing money at random stuff.

for example, most of you have probably never heard of darktide, right? ms threw money at fatshark, the developer, to make it a xb/ms exclusive. why? it's not even a big name or big...

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i played dynasty warriors 7 and 8 for at least 100 hours each, and while i know they're not considered great games, they're mindless fun for me, and that's good enough for me to sink my time into when i just wanna have some mindless fun. i don't have to worry about anything other than cutting down hordes of mindless ai, and sometimes that's all i wanna do lol

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tbh, they're better off just moving on from that ip. everyone knows insomniac can make good games, and they don't need sunset at all.

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how do you not have dawn of war on your list at all? lol

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"vote for us because we decided not to scam you guys when we easily could have after releasing a garbage game" lol

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it's hilarious that ms specifically pulled this from being on ps, only for it backfire spectacularly lol

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simple answer: sony doesn't need to. they're at the top of the food chain and dictate how the market plays out right now. if ms had the upper-hand, do you think they would be offering game pass in the same capacity as they are now? lol the only reason why game pass is the way it is right now, is because they've been getting stomped out for over a decade and needed to take drastic measures.

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they don't need to write why any other superheroes are/aren't there because it's a spider-man game, and because of that, spider-man can handle it. avengers deal with avengers-level threats, and everything in the game can be promptly handled by the characters being focused on in the game. if the game was like, "oh man, this villain is beyond my capabilities, only the avengers could possibly defeat it", and galactus showed up, and no one came to help, THEN you could argu...

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