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No, it doesn't say different. Eromu is right, Atlus did NOT make Demon's Souls, they only published it on the USA.

Demon's Souls was made by From Software, published by Sony in Japan, Atlus in the USA and Namco-Bandai in Europe.

You should check your sources before using them lol...

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That's not how things work...

Games are made on a pc, because they are CODED on a pc. The textures, the 3d models, the coding are, of course, done on a PC.

That doesn't mean that the game will run on a pc lol... The hardware and the Ps3's processor architecture is different than x86 systems (used on common pc), the software will only run on a ps3.

What you are saying is actually pretty stupid. Programming games for a console is li...

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I hit disagree on your comment. Why do I need to reply and explain? Are you really that slow?

You say "I dont see the big deal here. The only difference I see is that the textures are a bit brighter and the sky looks more realistic"

I say "that's fucking bullsh*t, this is amazing, I see a HUGE difference", so I hit disagree, as in DISAGREEMENT with your comment. Got it? I think I speak for most people who disagreed with you.

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In the article,you notice how the authors emphasise that Gold plating is absolutely useless in HDMI cables.

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YOu gotta use the proxy...

1- Go here:

2- Insert this link on the site above:

3- Create account and download the game. Easy as a pie.

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Apparently thinking has no place inside your head either.

"I've never even heard of Nathan Fillion" <- people aren't obiously disagreeing with your statement, they are disagreeing with the idea that someone hasn't even heard about Nathan Fillion, who is a pretty good actor.

By saying that you never heard of him, you are implying that you he isn't good enought to even being known, and people disagree with that. See? Not that diffic...

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Nothing since August? What about Move?! What about Sports Champions and Tumble????? Those were exclusive games, and they are VERY good, I am having a great time playing both! And they came out on September / October lol.

You got your facts wrong dude.

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@ Rampant

The PS3 doesn't need rescuing.

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Probabily because many people (read, sony fanboys) are just disappointed with GT5 scores, and in their furious rage ended up hating the gaming even before playing it.

GT5 is still better than any other racing simulator out there, but didn't manage to live up to the hype and the promises of "perfection".

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In 0:52 sec - "First the good news. This is the best driving sim avaiable for consoles, and by some margin."

Forza 3 - 9.4

GT5 - 8.5


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I have no interest in anything being broken with Kinect. If anything, I actually think it has a lot of potential (which is shown in the various hacks for the PC). But you gotta face it, there is evidence of it being broken EVERYWHERE, and even today I had the opportunity of watching some people play it in my school campus with regular light conditions and well... the tracking was slow and not very spectacular.

Why do you assume it is me that wants something to be broken with ...

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Sony "fanboys" are not insecure and pathetic. As for me, I think I am kinda of a Sony "supporter", and I feel exactly as Xusuyzus says... I have nothing against any exclusive games on Xbox. I do have something against THE Xbox itself, and the MS overall attitude, because I think it is terribly stupid from the consumers to support such a faulty product.

Sony felt that their early prototypes were overheating and had a high failure r...

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Dude, seriously...

We all know Move is great and all, but as far as I know, people still haven't managed to make it work on a PC.

Then again, I do still think that Kinect has too many problems and that it won't be able to provide games terribly different than those for eyetoy, but I can't deny that these people are doing pretty cool stuff with it which shows that technology wise, Kinect is proving to be more interesting than I expected.

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I'll fix your comment for you:

"MOVE works ...

Kinect doesn't!"

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I mean.. we go from this:

to this?!:

The drawings are very good, but I can't shake the feeling that something is...

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Ok, now seriously, fanboyism aside, how can claim that, after seeing all those reviews and video demonstrations of Kinect and Move?

Every review that is directed towards casual gamers has given Kinect a "er... it's ok" score. Not bad scores, but not good scores either. Every review directed to hardcore gamers has given Kinect bad scores.

Issues such as the input lag, which have been plaguing Natal / Kinect since the first working prototypes have...

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I used to think that way until I bought Move. When I tried playing "Tumble" with Move it was like I had a revelation, and I relized how much potential that small dildo-like controller really has... There is no way I could manipulate the blocks the way I do with Move while using a simple dual analog controller... Move allows me to be extremly precise in block placement.

Also, I think that Move solves one of the biggest issues I had with console gaming until now, whic...

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The Halo franchise sold more than the Metal Gear franchise... that's just sad.

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You shipped 2.5 Million controllers, yet I can't find a second move controller anywhere. Damn this.

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I live in europe. I was never much into that "motion controller" stuff, and I really didn't care much for move / kinect. I hardware store near my house had a "20% off everything" promotion, so I decided to buy move and try it out.

I was really impressed by the robustness of the controller, it feels "quality". Also, I was expecting some sort of delay and there is nearly none. The control is really 1:1, perfect represenation of the moves I do i...

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