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The thing is mobile. Cry about "underpowered" all you want but it has it's pros too.

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`Fully ray traced and 60FPS+`

Good luck with that

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> So what the hell happened with Star fox zero? I guess that one fell through the net.

Miyamoto happened.

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`Because Metroid Games Aren't That Great Anyway`

Said no one ever.

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Is that movie sonic?

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But I can't take the PS4/XB1 with me.

There are trait offs in components you guys seem to ignore.

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>So basically the only games worth playing so far on switch are wii u games.

Yes that's it.

For every other game that exists, the only ones that are worth it are wii u ports. And for the sole reason so you can bitch and moan about the switch. Epic IQ points.


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"Don't be desperate. "

> Nintendo had a fantastic year


why are you injecting irrelevant shit? The article is just giving an opinion that Nintendo did well.
The desperate one is you.

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Amazon thinks it's an umbran witch. You don't control Time, you control underpaid employees.

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different departments

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>Not all Diablo news has to be announced at Blizzcon, they're probably just not ready to announce it.

They announced that it was a good year for Diablo and lured their fans to a blizzcon just to be setup by a mobile game. 100% out of touch mate.

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When i see people play mario but insist on walking rather than running, I just want to throw them out of the window. Uncultured peasants.

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>We believe the easiest way for you to connect and have a peer-to-peer experience with voice chat is with your mobile phone. It’s always there, it’s always with you."

But reggie-man. You can't play switch if you don't have it on you.

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> How Nintendo learned from a Wii U disappointment

>what about „how nintendo was so delusional to bring the wii u after the wii“

Chris are you mentally challenged?

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wtf are you even saying tonton?

It's not a matter of skill but scope. You can increase horsepower, but with that horsepower comes an image and "responsibility".

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No matter how efficient pipelines gets, When horsepower goes up, quality goes up, production goes up.
These triple A devs are pushed into crunch time cause you want them quicker and bigger too.

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It motivates companies to find better solutions.

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>Breath of the Wild runs on the Wii U

you're point? I got a portable Wii U with some power to spare for other things ( as it performs better on switch too).

You guys are deliberately ignoring the portability.

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