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obviously u guys that say it looks the same have not actually played the sequal everything about gears 2 is bigger literally the environments, the amount of locusts on screen, the battles and the monsters it is really truely an epic game to play oh and as soon as you start playing the game u can tell the graphics have been improved

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the creator of the shotokan style gichen funakoshi it is a devastating style which is represented very well with powerful punches, kicks, and strong stances it is one of the oldest japanese styles and one of the first to be widely taught in america

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think about wut u guys are saying honestly gears2 has alot more fans now than it did when it first came out alot of people didnt know wut gears1 was and it still sold millions on day 1 think about all the stores doing midnight launches and amazon sales gears2 is going to be big and i mean really big it will probably sale 2-3 million on day 1 easy think about it gamestop was sold out of the limited edition now how often does that happen this holiday season gears2 is gonna shut the industry dow...

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now i have a ps3 and 360 but honestly if u think any game is gonna outsell gears 2 then u really need to snap up out that dream you are in even mgs4 couldnt outsell gears 1 wow

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obviously u dont know wut ur talking about

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how on earth did it fail cuz i can tell u right now its gonna be alot better than mgs4

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why bring up the xbox360 r u sony fanboys really that shallow
i have both systems so im not some punk a** fanboy you guys really need to grow up and stop hating on the 360 it really is a good system

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stop lying dude i was at best buy yesterday and they had ton of ps3s in stock

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obviously ur not paying attention patriot the article says nearing 17 million which implies they havent even reached that amount yet so maybe by the end of christmas they will and thats a big maybe

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im pretty sure the 360 has probably sold about 22 million units besides its not abouthow many units u sale its about how much profit u make and right now microsoft is making alot more profit on the 360 than sony is making on the ps3 and that is a known fact more games are sold on the 360 than ps3

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wow dude u really dont know wut ur talking about do you how can you sit there and run your mouth about stuff that is not relevant first off i have both systems so im not some stupid fanboy like urself whenever a company says it is cutting its finances for a certain division by 57% things are not looking so pretty the price drop from the 360 has kicked sonys a** and u know it now u say it doesnt matter if 360 is outselling ps3 in japan goes to show how blinded u r even if it is only 200 units ...

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what the sony fans seem to be forgetting is that xbox360 has a bigger library and when ur christmas shopping for people who dont have a 360 or ps3 the price and game library plays a bigger role than just the new games coming out and also u guys talk like all these potential ps3 sales r gonna be made because of R2 and LBP. Resistance was garbage im sorry to say i can say this because i have a ps3 and i played the game so i know what im talking about and secondly casual gamers arent gonna go ou...

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wow wuts funny is that u guys cry about paying to play online when u can play for free on live with a silver account u only have to pay for live if u want to get a gold account to download demos, movies, and arcade games so please get ur facts strait

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it is very clear this is a sony fanboy who wrote this article. To say that the 360 is not next gen is just down right dumb on his part, to say games like gears of war arent next gen is ludicrous still to this date no game on the ps3 has sold as any copies as gears has or n e other xbox exclusive. Then this guy really showed how stupid he is by saying the 360 had off the shelf parts when the graphics card was custom built just for the 360. I have a ps3 as well but i do know the 360 is a next g...

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just checked amazon and the elite is outselling all three xbox skus it was ranked at 18 and the others like in the twenties and thirties i think

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a storage format does not mean how powerful a platform is if devs wanted they could do like some r doing and put the extra content on xbox live to download

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its funny how sony fanboys talk crap about the 360 when it only came out a year earlier but it has twice as many games as the ps3 also why is it that the 360 is the more favored system to develop on trust me if it had an hddvd drive in it for developing games the ps3 would be so dead i mean it isnt far from it right now dont get me wrong the blu ray drive really gives devs room to develop but even then the games really dont look any better if at all the only really graphicly impressive games ...

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its ok dyingduck if your upset that none of your ps3 exclusive titles have even come close to outselling gears 1 and we all know that rofm2 and any of the other exclusives that sony might have left is gonna even come close to competing with gears 2 i can say all this cuz i have both but i prefer xbox360

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yo u stupid man the 360 is a very good deal for 200 bucks play all the games and upgrade if u wantsome people dont want to play online or pay for a hi def dvd player that they dont want so stoppin talkin sh*t cuz u r blinded by sonys lies dont try to get other people to follow in your steps see i can say this cuz i own both but i bought the ps3 on my own terms not because some fanboy was talkin crap about the 360 the good thing about the xbox lineup is choice u can get an arcade system like i...

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