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Not everyone likes Forza, Flight Simulator or Fallout either what's your point? Unless you think more options is a bad thing then sorry that's idiotic

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"I've seen nothing saying this regarding the ps5 version. Only early access on PC to the full release version. Could you post where you saw this information?"

Its confirmed on PSN. The listed release date for the deluxe edition says Sept.2 and if you switch and choose the regular edition the release date changes to Sept 6.

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"51% of people got to the first tallneck in HZD. That's not that far into the game, a little bit further out from the tutorial section. Does that mean 49% of sales for that game "don't count" ? "

Horizon Zero Dawn sold 24 million copies though. You r...

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"Ratchet and Clank has sold 1.1 million copies with 40 million PS5's on the market."

Just to prove how skewed and idiotic your comment is.

"Roughly 1 in 10 PlayStation 5 owners have the game"

Notice they sold 1.1 ...

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Those are absolutely terrible numbers considering it's available to almost 30 million people. Pretty sure the same people saying these numbers are great were the same ones saying 'only' 20 million sales to over 100 million gamers (switch/Playstation) was awful?! Lol

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"of course mass downvote"

Because your comment is idiotic?! Game runs well on low spec Steamdeck even.

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"That sounds like N4G, this site comments is nothing more than a subreddit for PlayStation."

You're welcome to leave any time! No one is pointing a gun at your head. If you think there will be less Playstation gamers than your precious Xbox then pls get your head checked. Damn rabid defender of Xbox even with actual faults being excused its sad.

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Seems all Gamepass games are headed to incomplete launch releases to try to string along subs long after launch with promises. 6 years in development and that's the best they can do for Forza?!

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Didn't they also promise Halo Infinite Split screen after launch only to cancel it as well? Series S problems? Lol

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Hellblade 2?! 😆 🤣 😂.

Hellblade 1 on Xbox, Playstation, Switch and PC took 2 years to sell 1 million units. Sorry you have an inflated idea of how well this game will do.

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So Hellblade 2, Starfield, next Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, Ark 2, Contraband, Indiana Jones, Outer Worlds 2 etc are all coming to Playstation and Nintendo?!

Oh right none of that is happening. Guess you're just wrong. Idiotic. Took 2 seconds to prove the idiocy of your statement.

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"Oh they're so in on GaaS that they led their last showcase with a GaaS title that even has a $ in the name."

And yet Playstation releases SP games regularly and Goty ones too. What's the last Goty Xbox game?! Oh right nothing AAA Goty in how many years?! Lol.

Don't get me wrong Xbox has some SP games on the way, but, so far not consistently and no Goty contenders that come close to Playstation.

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"You’re right, I suck."

Nah you're probably confused because Insomniacs does do a game based off a comic too in Spiderman and soon Wolverine

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You mean Suckerpunch.

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Agreed I really hope they don't pivot too much into GaaS and have a balanced approach with lots of single player story driven games mixed in.

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"That's a good thematic and practical choice"

I also play DnD with friends with a Oath of Devotion Paladin (now subclassed with a Twilight Cleric). Vanilla Paladin is my favourite class.

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Sparky only shows a spark in the darkness, definitely not bright though. Literally the dumbest take possible. Bright as a dead light bulb

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Yep. That's why I waited this generation to have a reason to buy the Series X. Got horribly burnt buying the Xbox One because I decided they had games I was interested in then they canceled the games I wanted right after.

Was tempted after they had that great showing awhile back and am glad I waited because it would have collected dust for 2 years otherwise. Couple games out and on the horizon that look pretty good. Might be a good purchase in a couple years.

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