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Dragon's Dogma for me, by a mile and a half.

Currently on a NG+ play through, still exploring classes I didn't get through the first time, and still loving it to pieces.

While the story wasn't that great in the beginning, it became conversely very impressive by the end/s - and to backstep a touch, 'post game' threw me a massive loop.

Loved it. Still loving it.
Make more of them. :)

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Seems like a lovely lass and she speaks really eloquently about the role, and of the research and training in the run up to it.

Very excited to see the finished results, especially after such an ace trailer.

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Dragon's Dogma is one of the *BEST* games of this gen - and hence has no right at all being anywhere near this list.

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I've always fancied playing Folklore.
Might have to track it down! Cheers for the reminder!

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I picked up Sacred 2: Fallen Angel and absolutely adored it.

Yes, a bit of screen tearing, but - great combat, very funny dialogue - and a group of monsters performing a metal concert.

I got the special edition uber cheap, with the map and toy - and don't regret it for a second.

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A return to Boletaria and a sequel to Demon's Souls please.

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Zavvi have now altered it to £49.95

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I was the same way.

I'm thinking someone there has stuffed up - and that it should be at least the same £57 that the Xenoblade spesh edition was, although, given the content - I reckon more like £37.

After all, a steelbook, artbook and cd with a few tracks on hardly equates to a classic controller.

Play, Gamestation, Game & Amazon have yet to list it, so I remain hopeful.

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My points card arrived yesterday and i'm eager to get stuck in.
Does anyone know what day/approx time the UK marketplace updates?

Might I add, times are hard and every penny is considered, so to have such a game at such a fantastic price was a real surprise. Cheers Crytek/EA.
With such a crowded shooter market in the next few weeks, a really smart move as well.
More of this please. :)

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Re: Demon's Souls ..
"Torturous difficulty"
It's challenging, but far from torturous.
I'm hardly the greatest gamer in the world and I finished it. Although, admittedly, it did take me yonks to do it. :)

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The original is an absolute classic.

I really enjoyed the version on Gameboy Advance and am hoping this is along similar lines.

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The retailed who had the exclusive in Blighty has sold out of it. Would love that spesh edition. Blah.

Saving my pennies for the Resistance 3 bundle.

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Demon's Souls at #100?!
Just shows how clueless IGN is.

In fact, that top 10 should be re-named 'Games that have advertised with us heavily'

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Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty Nazi Cart Racing.

Follow Hitler and his merry mischief makers as they drive their high powered German cars around the streets of America, whilst their army wages war.

Co-op features allow you to play either as driver or the army themselves!


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The problem for me is, the E32010 demo looked very quirky, with the squiggly black designs and monolithic block enemies .. and the E3 2011 demo looked like someone had asked them to 'Tron it up a bit'.

Suddenly everything looked computerised, generic and it stole away the unsettling feeling of the previous demo entirely.

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Once again a spotlight is cast on just what a clueless mong Feezamay really is.

That footage was glorious.

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Rather baffling seeing as Warner have barely promoted the game building up to and upon it's release - and with no limited edition in sight either, such a press pack would have made a good incentive for fans of the series.

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Call Of Duty games. Badly designed Michael bay fests.
I also despise online gaming and their 'pew pew, got you' faffage.

Likewise I think Greyzone is just gah. Generic enemies, awful story, bleached look. I've tried so get into it on numerous occasions and genuinely struggle. I *want* to like it.
Likewise Gears Of War. For exactly the same reasons.

Big Resident Evil fan. Truly can't click at all with RE5. Yet again - i'd re...

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The band that exemplified just how to dismantle the wonderment of Lumines, with that 'pomp eet' arsecheese.

Shocking excuse for music.
Pathetic excuse of a band.

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A poor man's Unearthed.
I don't know how Naughty Dog can sleep at night.

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