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The final big fight in the game puts you up against Ronald Trumposaurus, and his renegade, all white, all right punk rock band. Joels fate lies in the hands of a band of transvestyte mexicans who want to save him, as they heard from their friendly russian neighbourhood patrol ally's that Ronald intends to kill you with a needle that reads "North Korean virus". The plot thickens when it's revealed that Ellie didn't play guitar at Ronalds faction leader initiation ceremony...

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Nice. It was on my xb1 wish list.

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Wow. If it as good as the first game, yet is that much bigger....

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I hope in a future xbox the players will be able to minimize the game onto a big box on the dashboard so you can still see the game from there. Just like how it used to be. I miss that function.

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This article is delayed

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Give zero at least 90 mins to grow on you. It's one of the best games i've ever played.

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Witcher 2 was one of my biggest suprises gaming. I knew nothing of it, then loved it.

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good you enjoyed it that much. I liked it for sure, maybe not as much as guys like yourself. I don't get too involved in comparisons, but i prefered fallout 4.

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Good game that i liked, but it would have to be a weak year for this to be GOTY.

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Yup lol

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Cant see any reason to replay outer wilds myself. Not even sure what mods could add ?

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Surely to spread a message of equality, you need gather more publicity and sell more games. Gaming is a business where messages can't be spread at a loss. It's tough to have a trans main character without getting a certain ammount of attention.

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I played it with headphones at night, and there was a couple of jumpy moments. To me 'horror games' don't have to be scary. I definitely rate it. I thought the devs did a very good job. Will be interesting to hear what ps4 players think.

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Under-rated to say the least !

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I never slammed it. I may have said zero was my GOTY. Huge scoop for pass.

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Ban this gambling. Industry isn't regulated properly.

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Battlefield was my fav MP at one point. These days i've next to no interest. I've been EA'd.

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I thought this game had a 18gb patch day 1. My entire game is just under 18gb ? any game pass players with the same issue ?

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