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This game failing is all EA fault for making their season passes so long to complete. I am pissed off because Apex Legends is such a good game but EAs greed has ruined the game.

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These phone number requirements should have been added before pre-orders, this new requirement is upsetting.

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EA had this same problem happen with Battlefield 4 that was no ready for launch, the problem is that EA does things and does not learn from mistakes which is the reason they did it the same mistake again with Battlefield 2042.

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I didn't know this show ever even existed. I am a gaming fan and youtube never recommended it to me. It's weird because I do get recommendation for toxic fanboy gaming biased platform channels but something nice like this never get shown to me.

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This feature would be cool if added to the PS4 where my recorded gameplay is at

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Mortal Kombat 9 felt like a trilogy remake without cyber smoke but having cyber sub-zero instead

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It is not available on Steam and is exclusively available on for PC so I think that is the reason for the drop

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It’s finally a 10 Cash score and I will skip it for now. Maybe in 56 years I will definitely play it once it’s polished because it will finally be the year 2077.

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This game is going to show a big difference between the PS4 and PS5 version due to ray tracing

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No campaign in BF. COD crappy or repetitive as it might be, it is better than a multiplayer-only game for $70 with micro transactions. I like to have the campaign be an option. I don’t know why it was so hard for Dice to make a 6 hour campaign.

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COD is going to continue releasing on X1 and PS4 until 2024 because last gen they kept releasing 7th gen ports until Black Ops 3 was released. Activision cares about $$$$ and next gen consoles don’t have the number of users to drop last gen ports yet

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I have a feeling that this game is going to be as buggy as BF4 was or is going to have to get delayed. I am not going to be surprised if the game is released in a broken state, this game is definitely not a day 1 buy for me.

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I have seen many play test, and I have seen about 10 weapons only available for the beta. I have a feeling that EA is going to lock the other 150 behind a pay wall when the game is released.

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I have a feeling that EA is going to give players 10% of weapons then lock the other 90% behind a pay wall on the games release. This is EA after all remember.

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Would be funny if this game got GOTY and Microsoft ends up getting their first GOTY in a decade in a competing platform.

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How about they give us complete destructible environments instead of selective destruction on game maps. I don't care for big maps if half the things are indestructible. I want Battlefield to go back to being battlefield instead of COD copy cat. I remember there being a time when I actually liked this series.

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Game seems that it was not optimized for current gen consoles. I don't understand how this game have loading times between 41-47 seconds. This game was made for last gen consoles at its base so I think it is badly optimized.

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I hope this puts Jim Ryan haters to rest. I remember being told that once he took over that development studios like this would no longer be shut down.

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Those 12TF being put to work on Law mowing simulator. I am really impressed by the power of the Series X. Wow

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