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Just give me more maps for operations mode. That is all i want.

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You see this guy has a brain.

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YOU are saying people are in denial for not trusting VGchartz lol.

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I'm doing that too. Uncle you suck.

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GG is making a new ip they could do both.

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This is going to make NGP sell like gangbusters. Imagine GTA lol.

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Vgchartzs has a history of being wrong fanboy. Lol @ these "genuises" really vgchartzs been wrong over and over again what makes them right this time? Yet we have people: Wow that's how much it sold? No you and your clan are stupid lol.

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Operations mode puts it over Killzone 2. I fricken love that mode so much and I don't get bored cause I never get bored of watching myself in a cutscene :)

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I bought my own Ps3 WTF are you talking about? Lol everyone knows 360 has the kids on live. Ps3 is for the people who got money mommy and daddy won't buy a Ps3 they would buy a Wii or a 360 cause there cheaper. Learn how to troll you suck at it haha.

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I got to pay my gym membership in may I'm happy :)

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Lol @ the comments. What can you say about this it doesn't sell in Japan WE KNOW!! lol.

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Agent is going to be hot that is for sure.

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I give it a 9/10.

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This game is awesome and ain't a gay FPS. Loving it and when you buy the game it comes with extras. I'm winning more then Charlie Sheen.

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The move has sold very good and it didn't need 500 million. Sony has music, Blu-Ray, electronics,movies and gaming they could have spend 500 million in advertising.

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Your life is telling people to get a life how ironic.

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Lol you know what your not even worth it. I'm going out stay in like you always do. Worship your copy gears of war. 360 fanboys live for this. This is what they do all the time on x-box live.

Ingnore them keep making money.

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360 fanboys butthurt is even funnier.

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Can't wait for there new game I still have Heavy Rain.

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Part 2 comes after those two I mentioned. Funny I have watched my cousin beat 2 like five times with Leon. Lol what a fanboy.

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