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They only take 20% off the base price, not the discounted price. So you'll never be able to buy a game with *more* than 20% off, no matter promos Amazon runs.

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Specifically "Trails," not simply "Legend of Heroes." The Trails games are a spin-off series of the Legend of Heroes series, which is itself a spin-off of the Dragon Slayer series.

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Final Fantasy hasn't been a great RPG series for more than a decade.

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What do people even need money for? Every item you could possibly want is littered all of the world. You really only need money for the house and some armors, and even then you don't need very much.

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Emulators enable piracy. This is... this is super obvious, common-knowledge stuff. And used games are exactly the same as piracy, not better or worse, because in both cases exactly zero money is going to the people who make the games. The only difference is one of scale.

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Nothing. That's not something I have ever argued in my life.

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Wasn't his last big interview all about how much he hated dealing with the press and was never going to do another interview again?

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Let's see... a dystopian future where a geriatric billionaire sets about systematically destroying the environmnet... yeah, can't really see how that could possibly resonate with contemporary audiences.


... ...

... ... ...

And if that didn't register as sarcasm to you, I would smack you through the screen if I could, because some dumb is just *too* dumb.

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FFXII went through development hell.

The only "mainline" Final Fantasy game Square-Enix produced that did NOT go through development hell was Final Fantasy 11, if you consider it mainline.

The takeaway should be, basically, that Square-Enix has *never* really been able to manage AAA game development.

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Final Fantasy's worst enemy is bloated development budgets, poor direction, and an emphasis on aesthetics over content.

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And surprising exactly no one, it's the same kind of shit it's always been.

Remember back when all those fanboys were so excited about Nintendo shutting down Club Nintendo? They were so certain that the replacement was going to be better. Do you think even one of them learned the lesson that corporations are not friends, and will take every opportunity to try and milk money out of you?

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And what kind of obscenely expensive PC would I need to manage it?

Gotta say, though, as much as I'm against piracy I'm all for people pirating the hell out of Ninendo games. Maybe eventually they'll cotton on to the idea that third party support is actually kind of a good thing, yeah?

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Well, at least we got two or three good games out of Bioware before EA's poison finally killed the brand.

Gotta stay positive, folks! Look on the bright side.

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Tropes + Time = Depth

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The only thing Sony and Microsoft innovated on were microtransactions and DLC.

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"Wait until the game's done" is one of the stupidest comments you see fanboys spew out. Demo are and always have been representative of the final products--that is their raison d'etre, after all!

Obviously, you can't discern everything about a game from the demo--but a lot of things you CAN. Like, say, character design. Voice acting. Combat. Art style. Systems and mechanics. Etc., etc.

Anyone who thinks the final game (any final game) wi...

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Unless Nintendo has backtracked on their commitment, it should be. The better thing to hope for is that it also be Wii B/C, simply because (now that we're all using discs) there's no (legitimate) reason not to.


@Ark_ the two are not mutually exclusive.

Though I think rather than cater to the same third-parties making games for every other platform, Nintendo would be better served catering to--and expanding--their own demographic. ...

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That so? I thought Uncharted was dated for November. Oh well.

As you can guess, I don't pay much attention to games that don't interest me. Oh well.

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If Sony and Microsoft had done similarly, the only big games at all would have been Uncharted, Fallout and Starfox.

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Uh... the unpatched release build was plenty stable. Even with all the issues it had, it was still much more stable than the average AAA open-world game.

If you want to see examples of a terrible, broken game that shat all over its fans AND got nothing but glowing, ringing endorsements from the games media, look up Rome II: Total War.

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