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Do you get free days of power if your electricity goes out?

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While the machines may be 3-4 years away, I have no doubt in my mind R&D for both companies have been working on it for years already.

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"now everyone please try to write something smart as well!"


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" Quality over quantity any day"

Remake, sequels and re-releases. Lol.

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I bet you bought the MCC

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"So? Is the game fun? Yes. Does the rest matter? No."

Boy have tunes changed since last gen.

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I'll summarise it:

Xbox fanboys: "LOLZ They clearly never played it. Just want clicks"

Sony fanboys: "LOLZ Halo flop confirmed!!!!"

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"Funny because ever since Forza has been established it has surpassed gt in every way imo"

Except in review scores or sales, lol.

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It was cancelled.

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It's not an entire generation of games.

And the 360 still exists.

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"I thought the Xbox community didn't care for COD anymore."

I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. They can just play their old versions of CoD on their XB1s

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I seem to remember the xbots saying the PS3 was a failure around the same time how things have changed.

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How about the son of a God seeking revenge on Kratos.

You play the son.

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Sony tried years ago but insomniac wanted to stay independent

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Sony own J&D, not ND.

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IPs cost money and are a risk.

Can't just create them at whim. It's a financial risk.

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They have two teams.

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It was originally announced to be coming out in 2015.

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The stupid thing is people like to compare the PS3 10 year library to the PS4 what? 2 year library?

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"I am worried about the notorious difficulty these games are known for though."

Don't rush through it. You have to take your time and make sure of yourself.

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