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If I was a community of people, I would be insulted if I was being pandered to by a company. It's like, "I wasn't able to consume this entertainment, but now [insert company name] came to the rescue and fixed all that! [Insert company name] is an ally to me and my people!"

I can't roll my eyes hard enough.

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Whatever stance you take in this, you can't help but feel that all this pandering comes across as fake; especially coming from companies, where their main objective is to make money.

*yawn* Give me better bait, random company.

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GaMeS JoUrNaLiSm!

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I bet you're a POC liberal that supports all that rioting/looting that's going on in the US.

See how assumptions make someone look like a dumbass? Because that's what you're doing right now.

You know nothing of this person and yet you're spewing this brain-dead drivel.

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Cf free

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After this, they should remake Final Fantasy Tactics.

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@Kabaneri source please.

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Why does he run like an asshole?

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Jesus, don't you think you're overreacting just a bit much? Go play your goddamn backlog! It's not that big a deal! Fucking chill!

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"Wow Laura Kate seems to have a hard on--"

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I'm not even mad that you used the 'wrong pronoun'.

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You clearly haven't been playing games a long time if you think that!

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Yeah, I wouldn't wipe my ass with this game, either.

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Thumbs up, because you made me laugh.

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Who cares

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Tbh myself, I don't like ANY Zelda games. I've tried to like them, but I can't get into them, for whatever reason.

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I played it on easy mode, making combat not as difficult. I'm more interested in the world, the characters, and how it holds up to the original. Seriously, the whole time playing the game, I was just staring and looking at every small thing. I was just in awe.

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It's not trying something different that was the problem, but the execution. No one's going to buy garbage, Bethesda!

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Why don't you go suck it, Kotaku?! No one cares for your opinion.

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