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I say hes 10

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Xbox select

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Im sure im going to lose another bubble but what ever....

Im going to assume that you are a passionate gamer, i mean you do come to n4g every day to read up on blogs and stuff that has to do with all consoles right?

So i dont believe you are a hardcore gamer either, i think thats what he meant by "decent", and thats perfectly fine... You prefer to spend wisley on what you feel the biggest bang for your buck can get you and again that all good.

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What exclusive is out for the ps4 that makes it worth 400?

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We'll no wonder why GameStop is a revolving door for employees.. No one steps up to try and sell products you don't have to bash one or the other console to sell it just be informative and truthful on what they both can do and get it sold.

It's funny now that I think about it the rare times I walk into a gamestop all they ever try to push is pre orders.. Not much effort in up selling but I'm sure they don't pay all that we'll either so I probably would...

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Until midnight!

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Well arent you sharp! Check back in a year to match wiiu numbers with the other 2 to fairly judge if 250k is good sales or not.

In other words if ms and sony continue to sell in the million this time next year then no, 250k is not good enough..

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Why do you want to be flooded with the same games across all 3 consoles? I really dont need 3 need for speeds..

So if wiiu is a niche consoles for having mostly great exclusives then so be it...

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I doubt i will ever plug my wii back in..

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I bet this person doesnt like kinect!

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Yea.... Telling me youre not a good sales man! Lol j/k.

Let me know how long the rest of the x1's take to sell!

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And where off!

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I dont know... Check back in a yr from today, its a long race.

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I was wondering the same thing... Oh well, the both of them are doing well and its not a complete blow out so the competition stays strong..

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I guess im slow cause i dont understand the joke.

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That thing is frikin ugly! The atari one that they did looked much better!

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Woa... I take that back and apologise the trollphy awards do not go to you and the other guy, dont know how i messed that one up lol...

Edit.. Voting you down? Angry? Ok....

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1million in 24hrs! Crazy....

Sony did a amazing job..

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