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Good Review.

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I doubt it. The Wii U dev kit looks expensive for Indie developers. I doubt that many Indie developers could actually afford such kits.

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As smart as the people that bought it or thinking about buying it.XD

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I Believed that Nintendo are just saying that their losing money on each Wii U sold due to manufacturing cost. They want the public to believed that they are spending money on "tech" that has been available for years and costing them a fortune to developed. Supply and demands, Investors and Tech enthusiast are Nintendo's business scheme.

Also, If you think Nintendo are losing money on each Wii U sold. Investors would likely cash out and not Invest on Nintendo...

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The most unbiased review so far. Everyone else are afraid of losing sponsorship from MS.

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I'll wait for complete edition with all the DLC and costumes included. XD

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When you like seeing three blinking red lights. XD

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LOL. So much for honest gamers. Mass Effect 3 doesn't deserved a 10.

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Looks like a portable heater. XD

16GB is $1000
32GB is $2000


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Square Enix should go back to their roots. START making JRPG's again and STOP trying to be westernize.

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Probably the Ultimate R****d. No gaming console are worth the wait that long. He's just another waste of space in the society.

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Rip-off edition. XD

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Retail value automatically drops by 50%. Gamestop and their asinine branding.

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Yeah right. After the 3DS fiasco, Nintendo's are always trying to find cheaper ways to manufacture the Wii U by using underage kids, old technologies and cheap marketing tricks.

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Microsoft needs a person that's good at naming product.

Smart Glass


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Quick Scope.XD

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Where's the gameplay? It's mostly CGI.


I think I know the difference between CGI and Rendered Gameplay. Its really obvious to see one.

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considering most of the line ups are ports.

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He's probably ****ing bobby kotick right this minute.

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Probably that dweeb Geohot is back on the scene. He got bored of Apple's inferior technology and coming back for more ass beating from Sony.

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