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This does not look like a game I will be letting my kids play.....

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Well they must be doing something right with the 360, I mean it could be worse they could be in last place like sony.

The only thing p0s3 has going for it is Mental Queer Buns of the Patriot...

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my bad i meant ps 2...

Also I can see what ya mean I was just curious.. sorry

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Ninja Gaiden came out on the Nes way before Devil may cry came out on the ps one.. How did they copy something that was not out yet? just curios....

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Looks like a bad version of Ghost Recon...

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LAIR should be #1

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Epic and Cliffy pull it off again.

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Maybe Gears of War 2 is not the game for you then... Just wait until My little Ponies comes out.. I am sure there wont be any "ME BIG DRUGGED UP EX FOOTBALL PLAYER. ME KILL YOU" type stories.

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Sorry Dom, But I dissagree.

I thought the demo was great. Been playin it all day..

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well When the game comes out and sells more on the 360 I am sure we will hear the excuse "the 360 has a bigger install base" but in reality the ps2 should be dominating every quarter in software sales.. I mean it does have a bigger install base then the 360 right?

Also if the game is good which I am sure it will be. Then that RENTAL just turned into a SALE....See how that works?

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If little Billy had a ps3 he would have been more then happy to stop playin that pos and start cleanin..

The problem with the 360 is. It is too addicting with all the great games it has. Sooo all these kids can't stop playin it. Give them a ps3 and they are done with that in about 5 min.

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I could do this ...

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"Dark Diaper"

LOL!!!!!!! That is too funny...Bubbles for you!

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I can not wait for this game!!!!!

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Here is a better Game for you.......


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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO David Reeves is certain that you're gonna buy a PlayStation 3, you sucker. According to David, "We have built up a certain brand equity over time since the launch of PlayStation in 1995 and PS2 in 2000 that the first five million are going to buy it, whatever it is, even it didn't have games."

So do you like being called stupid???

And as for your question No I do not like buying faulty products which is why I am ve...

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In another great PR move by Sony, the Sony UK Managing Director called the U.S. a "massive land with cheap people". I'm not exactly sure what Sony's marketing strategy is, but it shouldn't include insulting Americans if they want to sell any of their overpriced units.

This might just be why sales are not so great in the u.s

I know Sony lost my business when I read that..I will never buy anything Sony again.

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There is no need for a whole infomercial on how great a value ps3 is.. It could cost a dollar and last for centuries but just because the PS3 is such a great value as you say. Does not however change the fact that you are as dumb as a bag of hammmers.And that is what makes you a ediot my little SONY NAZI

Love Always
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That's funny....I also went to the future and Sony natzis are dumber then ever. There is actualy a movie about a 360 fan who goes to the future to help out sony fans its called "idiocracy"

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