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Your source?

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I don't know where you got all this defective stuff from. Oh, you must mean the PS controller.

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Then it's gonna be not about the sales.

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Your right about next year's GPU power. Maybe not quite that strong. At least you'll know where your system stands, at the bottom of the barrel.

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High end gaming PC will cost much more. That's what people don't get.

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Just like a lot of people won't purchase a Sony console. What's your point?

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Most of them are.

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Must be lonely in your parents basement. The only thing you have is the huge flashlight on the front of your PS controller. Fact

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A lot of salty people out there. If their company of choice was doing this it would be the end all be all.

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If this was a Sony game, it would be the best thing since the invention of the wheel.

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It's nice to see MS getting into customizing your gaming gear. Before only available thru 3rd party, now you have official gear. The haters say MS don't care about the gamer. I don't know about you guys but I like having options.

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That was probably why the pushback on release. Next E3 MS will announce the Scorpio games lineup.

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I can see the mob coming for you now!

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The one thing I noticed is, all the my console is stronger than yours stuff seems to have stopped lately.

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I agree. These are pretty much the next systems from Sony and MS(Neo and Scorpio). Maybe this becomes the new cycles for consoles. Every 3-5 yrs.

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What did you pay for the PC and what do you think the Scorpio is gonna cost? The Scorpio is not gonna be as much as you think. MS has to sell the console. I think they learned from the price launch of the X1.

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Why would you when a better option is on the way.

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