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PD is a joke. I didn't trust this release date n I won't trust the new one or the bullish** one after that.

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So they take away our ability to access Hulu on the PS3 and then they try to charge us $9.99 to use it again? Ontop of that you have to pay $50 for playstation plus just to download the app to be able to pay for the Hulu subscription?... HEll Nah

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people are always so quick to jump the gun. Sony has proven that its first and second party studios are more than capable of making the best looking games on any system. Give the game a chance before we start attacking its graphics. People did the same for Uncharted 2, killzone 2, and even GOW 3 but look how those turned out. And besides all of that, the game looks fun as hell. I can't wait to play it, and the fact that I know it will have good graphics by release makes it that much ...

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Is it just me or does anyone else realize the fact that all these screens are from the opening CG part of mgr, while the ones of mgs4 are from the 100% INGAME cutscenes? the comparison is stupid. of course cg graphics will always beat ingame graphics. They should have used screens from Actual gameplay, but they didn't because than everyone would know the truth which is...

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He was funny but honestly it was pointless for him to come out. He didn't announce anything new and it was a big waist of time on sony's part. I really wanted to see something on Agent and The Last Gaurdian or maybe even a new game...sigh

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can't wait

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Yeah the game looks good especially that tornado he's able to create, but I'm really not feeling the redesign. Cole looked like a badass in the first infamous here he looks like some college kid who happened to get some powers.

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I havn't read the comments yet but i expect to here a lot of, "well who cares", "doesn't matter", and "just enjoy the game." I hope not because everyone in here went off on Alan Wake for being Sub- hd. So to just ignore it becasue its a ps3 title is so hypocritical. We should expect more from our games. I didn't spend $500 on a ps3 and $600 on and HD tv to play sub- hd games. And yes it does make a difference. Games that arn't in true HD don...

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There goes any chance of this being a truly great game. Square Enix isn't going to put the type of effort it takes to make this an excellent game across both platforms. I wish it would stay PS3 exclusive so they don't have to compromise quality by working on two systems, but I guess money rules the world...

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Im sorry but this list is garbage. It's missing so many classic games with great openings that its not even worth looking at. Guitar Hero shouldn't be listed under the best of anything.

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Halo Reach looks fun as hell. I never liked any halo games before (not even the first 1) but somethin about this one makes me want to play it.

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Wow I've played the game Four times and I never noticed that. That's gonna hurt the immersion for me a little if I play again.

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GOW 3 looks amazing but it suffers from a fixed camera. The camera is noramlly so far away that you can't really see how amazing every texture really is. When it finally does zoom in you get a rare treat and it looks like one of the best games ever. But Uncharted 2 had consistency and a lot more detail packed into each environment. But GOW 3 was every bit as epic and two scenes in particular outdid anything in uncharted 2.

Edit: and GOW 3 has the best lighting ever! EVER! I...

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I might have been able to forgive them for putting uncharted 2 above MGS4(almost), but then they put MW2 above GOW 3 and every other game. That's just stupid in my book. I don't care how much the game sold it's not even better than Killzone 2. Now the first one that's a different story i really enjoyed that game. Better story and I liked the online maps better.

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Cool Competition is between developers is always good.

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I guess I just needed to take a break. Because I just went back and beat it first try lol.

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Aside from ninja gaiden, battle toads (genisis), and Earthworm jim (genisis) it's the hardest, and most frustrating game I've ever played. I mean some sections and even bosses are easy, but then there's some that just seem next to impossible. I'm going through the game for the first time on hard mode and I must have died almost 200 times! I'm stuck on *SPOILER* *SPOILER*that crab thing that u fight after the gardens. Mabye I'm just stupid, but for the last hour I haven't been able to beat...

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going solely off of that trailer and the one for last the last guardian, I can safely say that Team Ico has absolutely nothing to worry about. Graphically its not even close, I think TLG also has a better artstyle (but that's just my opinion), and Team Ico is legendary. Folklore was a good game but it couldn't touch shadow of the collosus.
That aside it looks like a solid title but this site should let it stand on its own. Not trying to compare it to TLG.

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They havn't held the visual crown since Gears 2 and that wasn't for long because MGS4 was released right after that. What game have they put out that has topped MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, or GOW 3( Just fought Hades OMG!!!)? just sayin.

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I try so hard not to spoil the game for myself and you put a major spoiler in the f***** video? You need to learn some self control man and giving any game a 12/10 discredits you completely. I don't care how good a game is it doesn't deserve any higher than a perfect score.

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