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How can an xbox fanboy say that his game looks better than the other systems game? Especially when their comparing a game that got Game of The Year, Best visuals, Best story, From multiple sources To a game that isn't even out yet?

So far from what I've seen, Uncharted is A LOT better then Gears of War 3. But thats only Because I haven't seen to much of Gears of War 3 yet.

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I'm going to Neumont University in Utah.

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Because those kids in the 80s and 90s are still 11, right?

@La Chance - Your proving a childish point by stating he got "O W N E D"? Just a tad hypocritical, don't you think?

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Wrong post

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Whats the 360 have thats any better? Halo, which controls like your friggin' made of feathers and PowerRanger vomit.

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"F you you P.O.S. as anybody with common sense or class would not blatantly call another culture or race "Crazy". Especially in the melting pot that is AMERICA." ~ Krayzie Bone

Your calling AMERICA Crazy and a melting pot? I thought you wouldn't call another culture or race "Crazy"?

Your a hypocritical fool.

As far as Japan being crazy... Whos the one with the Rape game?

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Its not totally his parents fault. Noticed when he said, and I quote "I would literally lie to my parents that I have no homework/test/quizes so that I can play my SNES/N64/Dreamcast freely.". What It really comes down too is the individual himself first lying then being lazy/distracted by video games.

I agree with GameZenith. Today's youth must get their priorities strait. Lets face it. No video games is going to get you a high paying job. No video game is goi...

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If you know anything about Microsoft's past then you know that they like taking over their competition. Its called 'Monopoly'. You knew what happened to Netscape or The OSes? Microsoft took over. Which means Prices go WAY WAY WAAAAY up.

Just imagine...

X-Station - Most Advanced system around(claimed my Microsoft)

Cost: $1,000

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think its a great idea. I don't see how it would hurt if there was a label on cell phones stating a cancer warning of some type.

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They can freely say what ever crap and have the smallest minds believe them.

Anyone with the right mind(and a Ps3) knows just how good a product the PlayStation 3 really is. Don't let some guy who thinks hes in the right by bashing a console with his opinionated statements that aren't true get to you.

Just makes the guy look stupid if you ask me.

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If you want to play PS2 games then play them on your PS2. You have a ps3 to play PS3 games not PS2 games. If you obviously have ps2 games to play you obviously have a ps2. Simple as that.

Common sense FTW.

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on that aisle

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your a funny joke! You were joking right? If not than you might want to get some help.

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Sony are good at what they do and history is bound to repeat itself. There is no way that the Wii is going to compete with the hardcore systems. The 360 of course is a dying bread(physically as well.)In fact I was invite to my best friends LAN party last night, they all have 360s. We were going to play Halo 3, COD:MW2, COD:WAW and Left for dead. But one thing was stopping us from doing so. As soon as he turned on his 6 month old 360 he had gotten the RROD(this would be his 6th 360). We only h...

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Seriously? And your comparing to what? The 360, whos failure rate higher than your mom on a sunday?

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Don't even go there with the American Crap(as I am American and DAMN PROUD OF IT). After all this survey was done in the UK.

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