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It'll go down on metacritic as more reviews come in.

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PC gaming sucks. I could name dozens of reasons why.

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That gap used to be much larger.

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It has to be because those indies aren't worth that much

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It looked cool but was way too easy pulling in enemies with the whip then shooting them.

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Even the original wasn't worth 60

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The Scorpio is confirmed. People are in denial when they say it's not available now. This game in this article isn't available now.

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Cheating and hacking is pretty bad on consoles too. Trying to play the old COD games on PS3/Xbox 360 can be frustrating.

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DS3 was the best so far. It had the most zombies on the screen at once. It was more serious or horrorlike and not so goofy. Plus taking the time limit off until you beat the game once was a great idea since the map was way bigger than any DR before.

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Trine is a good one.

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didn't mean to leave your butt hurting

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Wish I could say I played those ps4 indies before but I've never even heard of them. You guys must have collected about 50 indies by now on your ps4. And they all could fit because they're indies and about half a gig each.

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These games are pretty decent especially compared to what Sony is offering in December.

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and form like Voltron

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None at all

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I hate feeling rushed. That's why DR3 was my favorite.

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Infinite Warfare should be the first game up there

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