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I play on a 27 inch Benq (1080p) monitor. I play on a desk chair or in my rig. I actually have 5 displays in my gaming room. Either or this is over priced, ultra wide or not.

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WOW that's a lot of money for such a small screen. You can pick up a 4k 65" Samsung (Model - UN65JU7500) for $1600 to $1900 that has a 17ms (input lag). Which is excellent for gaming. It's considered the fastest big screen gaming display money can buy right now.

Why would a gamer limit themselves to 1080p for 1k when you can get a display that dwarfs it in size, curved, higher resolution and can also be used for any other display application while having better c...

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No doubt about it. This is such a waste of money. I started playing yesterday morning on the Xbox one. and I am now level 22 (XBL-BoodyBandit). Plus I took the time to do a hard raid, my racing bounties and 1 night fall on the PS4 with friends on the same day.

Between the story, bounties and crucibles? You can easily speed level to 25 in 2 to 3 days of casual gaming.

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Not for me it isn't.
It doesn't have wheel support.
If they included wheel support I would've gladly paid full retail.

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The problem isn't power of consoles. The problem is most developers are using tired @zz engines from 2 generations ago on new hardware.

The last few big games to come out are using old engines. Take Fallout 4 and COD BO3 for example. We aren't getting new experiences. It's not like there are many developers out there looking to push the envelope anyway. So why is everyone so caught up on power?

These developers always base their games off the lowe...

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I'm totally confused as to why articles like this are even written. Worldwide Sony is approximately 15 million units ahead worldwide. Out pacing the XBOX ONE by nearly 2 to 1. How does this article make any sense at all? Sony would literally have to stop selling PS4 consoles and wait nearly 2 years for MS to even catch up to where the PS4 is at now in sales.

Is this satire or just an article trying to go as extreme as possible just to get hits? Either or it...

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Seems easy enough. The only problem some might run into is not all members of a fireteam are use to getting his gaze.

Next week I have a feeling the Orxy challenge will be a different relic runner every time. Again not all people are comfortable running the relic. Should be interesting. I just hope it doesn't require every member having to run relic. That would mean intentionally only detonating 3 bombs or less per run and possibly dealing with rage.

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And you "observation" couldn't be more flawed.

My opinion of PSN being an overall better value has to do with the totally of the service as a whole. I don't see how that is contradictory one bit. In fact it's asinine not to take the sum of all aspects of said services into account before arriving at a conclusion.

The only edge I give XBL over PSN is dedicated services with equate to more bandwidth and less latency ...

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I'm up for an honest an open discussion. I could careless if I end up with a 100 to 1 disagree vs agree ratio. Just explain to me what exactly you disagree with. I will gladly provide images of my speed test on all formats. I'm not here to fan flames. I'm just making a rational opinion of having owned "nearly" every console ever made since the inception of gaming in the 70's. I don't have an ax to grind.

Sony truely upped their game with online c...

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No doubt about it. MS will never come close to catching Sony this generation. Most of my gaming friends have switched sides this generation and are now gaming on the PS4.

I just wish things were a little closer because Sony still needs to make a few adjustments to PSN. The value of PSN, IMHO, is better than XBL but I really wish Sony would implement dedicated servers and allow my ISP to use more of the bandwidth I have in my home.

I average 36dl / 8ul on PSN ...

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Yup. Same crap basically.

Gameidealist there is this little company called Fanatec. You might want to buy a clue. Bar none the best wheel for the Xbox One is the CSV2. I won all of them. It's not even close.

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One of my all time favorite games to play on my rig. I can't wait for this mod to come out. I will wipe my save file and start from scratch.

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Yes it's across all of them. I have the Thrustmaster TX 458 and the Fanatec CSW V2. The FFB is weak on both and has been widely reported on several sim forums and during videos from ISR on youtube.

It's not horrible. It's still a lot of fun on a wheel but it could've and should've been so much better. I'm very disappointed Turn 10 is basically snubbing their noses at wheel users. They were asked by several outlets prerelease if they were going to addre...

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Played it for a few hours.
Liking it so far but kind of wishing I would've waited for Tuesday. Personally I enjoyed last generation Forza more. I'm a wheel user and Forza 5 and now 6 have mediocre ffb. Kind of disappointed considering this wasnt an issue last gen.

I don't get why both Forza games from Turn 10 has such weak ffb. Horizon 2 is really good ffb and PCars has insane ffb and wheel options.

If your a pad user only. This game is ...

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The original voice is WAY better.
This is really disappointing they went in a different direction. The original Queen was much better as well. They need to work on the story and script and leave the voice acting alone.

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My opinion of someone that has played both and enjoy both. Racing is far and away my favorite genre and the Forza series is one of my favorite in said genre.

Forza 6 pros
Incredible presentation
Frame rate
More fun career mode
Love Drivatars
Vista mode is cool for car enthuiast

Project Cars
Settings and options (some feel they are overwhelming)
Better game for wheel users (stronger ...

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For me its wanting stronger ffb. Game plays great on my wheel. I just wish there was more ffb. Hopefully they will address it via a patch.

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I'm so desperate to play this game I'm contemplating buying the DD Ultimate version so I can get it 5 days early and I never buy digital.

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The rain is excellent in this game. I love how you have to let off the gas going through puddles and feathering the gas once you cleared them. Some of the best effects I have experienced in a racing game.

The visuals are decent and frame rates are silk. My only gripe is wishing Turn 10 would give us wheel users more options and stronger ffb. Forza Horizon 2 has considerably stronger ffb over F6 and 6 is an improvement over Forza 5.

I don't understand why ...

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I see 4 disagrees but not one response. Why is that? Oh yeah I know. Because what I said is the truth. Forza is not no where near as ambitious a title that pcars is. That is why they hit 60fps. The Forza series is one of my favorite series of all time. I'm just telling it as it is but than again we all know that, don't we?

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