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Welcome to next gen gaming, yeah baby, omg i cant wait to buy this for 60 dollars . For realz , and imagine it at 120fps with ray tracing, yeah baby

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Omg a freaking microphone in the controller, didnt we blast kinect for this issue. But i guess all the privacy concerns will be overlooked cause its sony

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AnD what happens when the ps5 uses the same type of memory system.and will also require a ssd card

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yes i know its shocking and it hurts people somehow but the facts are the facts.

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im a huge xbox fanboy and even i will tell ya that art style matters and realistic vs cartoony can make the world of difference. there is a reason why people liked driveclub and other games over what ms delivers, its that look of photo realism that playstation games try to achieve where as other devs simply dont. there are many games that sony delivers where they try to push boundaries and give us a glimpse into photo realistic gfx. Ms has acknowledged this and is playing catch up but at leas...

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the future of ups and fedex delivery

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thats why no one bought them up as a developer. they suck

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same crap as before

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good news , lets hope loot boxes go away soon enough

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or hopefully when ugly things stick their head out like this music license issue, that the companies do the right thing and find a solution so this doesnt happen, then we can complain if they dont. Digital games is fairly new so why dont we first see if the companies fix these issues that pop up. not that we shouldnt be heard and to let them know about these issues but at least lets not attack them for no reason

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arcade style games in general have been killed off meanwhile they are where the fun is at

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there will be a new wipeout for ps5 mark my words

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hot garbage

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they are coming for our games.

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but no one is forcing streaming on you, you act as if it affects any of us. you have your console and pc and play there, now if you want as an option you can use the streaming sevice on the go, if not no harm no foul. no one is forcing streaming on anyone at least not with xcloud, its just a a dded option, use it or dont

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but prices havent been jacked up, its barely being felt by people, companies are swallowing the increase or passing along low increases.

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if you knew how bad china is you would understand, they steal all new ideas and make clones for products many of us worked hard on, they need to be put in their place alittle . the 25% tax has barely affected the regular people, while the tarriffs are in effect many companies are swallowing the cost or keeping any increase at a minimum.

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actually a vr home would be incredible, imagine what could be done with a ps5 vr and a new home thats more fleshed out then ever

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