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Just not a good pair. I liked his music in the Wolf of Wall St. trailer though

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or not

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And Ni No Kuni is not 2D.

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I pledge to Go Commando On September 20th!

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Agreed. The Dead Island trailer was one of the best trailers for a video game I've seen in a while, and when I heard the game wasn't going to be anything like it at all, I stopped caring. I know a lot of people that enjoy it, and I'm sure it's fun, but I was hoping for something with a great story.

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Scott Pilgrim made my summer last year. I especially loved the soundtrack

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Tbh, I think MW1 still looks the best out of the MW series. It just looks sharper and crisper overall in multiplayer. I remember seeing a vid about their engine changes, and I think they said they improved the lighting, but at the cost of the textures and other stuff.

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Last Guardian and Versus 13? :/

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Seriously, been waiting for this game since it was announced. Pls bring it here! The game looks like it will be amazing.

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Sweet Jesus

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Oh man, haven't heard anything new about this game in a while. It looks crazy fun. If they bring it, I shall buy it.

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The other day on PS Home, this guy dressed in a pyramid head costume was begging me not to buy this. I've never played SH before, so I'm willing to take a chance.

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I remember when I first heard about this game. It looked so promising, and I was shocked to hear how bad it was when it released. I ended up getting Warhawk instead, which actually wasn't too bad with motion controls, but I sticked to the analog controls for that. The idea is great though. I hope one day in the future, Sony looks into creating another game with the same idea, but better executed.

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Really well written review. I was on the fence for this game, but I think I'll pass. As much of a fan as I am of the creators, it feels like they made this game for fun, and not to be amazing. (The movie The Expendables comes to mind if that makes sense). But again, nice review, and looking forward to anymore in the future!

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Can't wait for Prometheus

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Looks epic. I hope I have enough $ to dish out when this releases.

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Maria sounds like a cougar now.

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It looks beautiful

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I'm guessing they're fans of battlefield

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I've had current gen consoles crap out on me after 2 years, but my Sega Genesis is still going strong after over 15 years. The thing is built to last lol.

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