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The iPhone is a phone is it not?

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Its a western console

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Its definitely a reimagining

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So are y’all saying you want it to have the same battery 🔋 life play time as the Playstation 4Dual Shock? If so I find that shocking!!!Why wouldn’t you ask for more???

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Best feature on a controller is the amount of play time it provides before needing another charge hopefully the Ds5 battery will be powerful enough to to send power for all the functions without dying out too fast or at least make the battery easily replaceable for those who want more we shouldnt be tethered so much on these new consoles

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Looks really good on the One X in 4K and even the high framerate mode good optimization from project red I dont know if Horizon Zero Dawn is still my favorite anymore

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I agree ps4 and x1 couldn’t even run GTA V pass 30fps we already had it hd 720 p 30 oh wow 1080p jump and a few cats added thats a clear sign of how weak of a jump ps4 and x1 reallY were no wonder we needed a console refresh

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Now add the Coletrain from Gears of War so I can chainsaw some Zombies and half and we can call it even

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@ gaminguninted can you provide that list of niche Japanese games that you play on 360 that dosent work on Xbox one X

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I didn’t downplay exclusives Horizon Zero Dawn on Pro is my favorite game ive played this gen the Playstation didn’t make it a good game the talented studios did.Xbox one and Ps4 share most of the same games which I haven’t played them all and never will but when I do play I would rather have the machine that runs better and quieter (they have the same games) so what if i miss a few out of a thousand available games the thousand gonna look better with more ...

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Well that’s PC gaming Enthusiasts style

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I played in True 4k in 2019 on a console how about you? I got gamepass ive watched 4K ultra blu ray on my sony bravia Felt the haptic feedback in my triggers while driving in Froza or while pulling the trigger in some games replayed Ninja Gaiden 2 freemastered you should see how it looks 👀 Replayed rise of tomb raider at a higher framerate and rez than I did when I had it on Pro I don’t regret buying my hardware just because a few exclusives that probably like or ...

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Most Wanted was nice on Vita good graphics

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Sales do affect what I buy I buy whatever is the most powerful Rather its Dreamcast,Xbox,Pro,or One X my reason is power not because jimmy has one too

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