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Maybe because the trophies are not at all hard to achieve lol?

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You'd think they'd put this on Xbox, where the user's haven't played any KH game before and need that back-story for KH3.

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I dont get the purpose of articles like this.

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what potential lol

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If people paid for the complete season (pass) - then either they are entitled for a refund or TellTale will be obligated to release them. I dont get this process at all

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Damn that's kinda early to announce imo

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outfits are spoilers? since when

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So if the word "downgrade" wasn't used, does the point people are trying to make not still stand that there are differences that make the game "look", well - not as good as they thought?

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Can we put age gates on these type of things please?

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nice, im all for it.

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@bouzebbal literally said nothing about exclusives lol, and people are complaining

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All we been asking for is Ninjas & Samurais......just give us that

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Better question is who is "we". Xbox fans? I don't see why they would stop caring about a new game coming to their platform.

"other" fans? well,

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@wolokowoh - at least one person understands.

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So much hate in the comments lol. This site is sickening

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You think God of War 2 was better than the 1st? I always felt it was, i dunno - definitely different. But not better. I still prefer David Jaffe over Cory Barlog

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@DarkVoyager what does any of this have to do with God of War? Why are you so defensive?

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I definitely will not be purchasing this title. They shouldve learned from Battlefront

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Conspiracy for Microsoft reviews, facts for Sony reviews. lmao

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