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This looks almost better than killzone 3. The weapons certainly do. MY god they are awesome.

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ZOMG! I might become a Insomniac fanboy again. Im still sorta pissed they got rid of the spyro license. This game might redeem them cause this is looking GOTY material. Unless there isn't any more to it?

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I jsut wanna know, does the damn thing have L3 and R3 Buttons or not?

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"These range from the ability to have leapers bust out from your corpse"

Yo thats some David Copperfield shit. Day one purchase!

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I dont need to click on Examiner to know this game is gonna be sic. Im gonna anyways though.

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It means that your next cell phone might be the ps4. Im not kidding.

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They call it a dreamcast collection, I call it digital shit on a cd. Where the fuck is my Skies of Arcadia and Armada titles? Go eat a fat one Sega.

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I think that would be bad ass. Not because i need help with the game, but to experience the world with another friend would be too good to be true. Is it true? I was already buying this game day one, but if its multiplayer, I will get my friends to buy it too.

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I dont worry about games having online pass. If you buy new then there is nothing to worry about. Also, Dice you need to calm down. Your games are already better than COD even though you only put out like 6 maps for BC2 at launch. Maybe thats why your game didn't sell as good? I dont care what anyone says, you can never have too much of a good thing.

BTW, you still have plenty of competition. Maybe if Sony wasn't around you would be top dog, but that is never ...

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Well the NGP is only 4 times faster than the Ipad. So what gives?

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This game looks like shit. Sorry man, but after all they hype, i was expecting something alot better than this. I dont even care if they all look retarded, even the voice acting made me cringe. The dude sounded like a Czech with down syndrome.

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"someone just needs to spend the $ and construct a new engine for the CoD franchise... Ground up," Bowling replied: "That would be counter productive. An engine takes years and years to develop and get right."

Thats why you do what all great studios do. Work on the game at the same time you work on the new engine. Yall had over 4 years to work on a new engine on the side, And then you , Robert Bowling, have enough balls to say someone needs to spend $ to...

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lol, Flop confirmed. No dedicated servers confirmed. All that money you guys at Activision got in the past 4 years and you still give us shit on a disc?! F U Activision.

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Im actually looking more forward to Saints Row 3. GTA4's car physics and sluggish(realistic pfft) gameplay turned me off. Turned me off bad.

For me its

Motorstorm Apocalypse
inFamous 2
Uncharted 3
Socom 4
Twisted Metal
Star Hawk
Elder Scrolls
and Maybe Battlefield 3 if there is more than 5 online maps. Im not falling for the same crap they did with BC2. Act like im getting all these new maps for f...

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Oh hell yeah. im not saying this looks bad by any means. KZ3 is my favorite FPS at this current time, and I play the crap out of it, but im just saying, Its enough that there were only 3 maps of operations to begin with. They gotta give us more, Im freakin addicted, also, Im already getting burned out on 3 playing the same 3 maps over and over again.

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Well im not hating or anything. It does look good, however, there seems to be alot of grey, I couldn't even see what they were shooting at cause they were wearing gray camo, which sucks for me cause Im blind as it is. Also, if this is the pc version then im not impressed. Im not saying this game doesn't look dope, but definitely nothing I haven't seen before. Maybe Dice should be a little more specific about what "hasn't been done before"?

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I dont get it. What does it do that FPS's aren't doing now?

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Holy Crap! It takes a like 5 shots from a shotgun to kill someone in Crysis? Im not even gonna rent this now.

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I wonder how long its gonna be before someone talks about how freakin gray this game is. I mean KZ2 got eaten alive for it. But since this game is on the 360 too I dont think yall fanboys gonna say anything about it. I been waiting and holding my breath, so yeah, I know im right.

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The hell is Metro 2033. If its so dang purty then why is it only on N4G comment threads that its brought up? I saw the screens, it doesn't even look half as good as KZ3 or Uncharted.

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