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There is already one. It's called Start Wars Old republic... uses the same game engine. lol.

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PS Vista came out already?

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This game controls are not different than most games 3D games. As matter of fact this game has very simple controls. Kinect is not even required though microsoft will do wherever it takes to integrate it which I hope is optional. A shooter has more complicated controls and developers managed to port it just fine.

I play this game a lot on the PC and is a great sandbox not much needs to be changed. I think with xbox live, game invites, party invites and maybe some graphic imp...

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As people know I am no Sony fan. With that being said here is what I think about the wii U thing.

First, is going to cost an arm an a leg, why? because Nintendo over price everything and this peace of hardware is expensive to make.

2nd, this is a "controller" that means that though you can hold in your hand it's NOT portable. you still need to be near the wii to use it which makes it NOT a handheld. Now, will you pay the $200-$300 to play in a s...

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weird application but interesting. The only odd things will be having to wear glasses to play a 2D game in order to play with a friend. This great as long as it support the glasses that people who already own 3D TV have. Using the technology to block a frame to allow one to see what the other does not means no 3D. Any future 3D game cannot support multiplayer this way.

I kind of like the idea though, but I wouldn't buy a TV and 2 set of glasses to play multiplayer. It cos...

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but you see yourself playing eye pet on the Playstation Move.

That the things about sony lovers. It's what kinect does well and bring to the table to developers like. Dance central; Ghost Recon weapon, voice command shown with Mass Effect, head tracking with Forza, it just that if it's not Sony than it's just not good.

Will I ever play Star Wars on kinect? hell no. I would not play it on playstation or wii or anything because it sucks.

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for those that I guess are butt hurt by the word exclusive here is a definition that I believe can better describe it.

XBox 360 owners will be able to play this true sandbox game (not some side scrolling crap like little big planet) on their tv with full game invite on their HD TV while you cannot on the PS3.

I play this great game on my PC and I will love to play it on my xbox 360 with my xbox live friends with voice chat, party invites and achivements thank...

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I guess their sony leg humping loyalty by that development group is being affected by the need to eat. Nothing wrong with favoring a platform as a developers unless of course that platform is not the leading one this generation. Bahh don't get mad a me sony fans, I'm stating the facts. If money would be flooding through the gates at a rate they could not catch it, they would still be blabbing about being making games for their favorite PS3. Welcome to reality; exclusivity should be do...

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It's not too early for next generation according the general console life cycle. Any hardware being out for over 6 years (TV, cell phone, computer, etc) is considered technologically obsolete according to Moore's Law. Now this does not mean the PS3 and the xbox can't pump great games and what microsoft and Sony is doing is what they should be doing considering the current global recession but there is a huge gap between what the current consoles can do and what the next generation...

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what the hell? this does not look like the usually repetitive arcadeish ace combat type of games with those corny depressing story lines about characters that spend too much time hugging trees. I will keep an eye on this one.

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I think which service is a better service between xbox live and PSN should now be put to rest. People expect only microsoft to be the one hacked and with security flaws. One week without service and without knowing when it will be back on is only acceptable for those hard core sony royalists. I would suggest anyone that used a credit card in PSN to call the credit card company and report it lost so they can re-issue a new one.

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lol. Sony does not harm. It's not Sony's fault? Well, Sony is lucky to have fans that will not mind having their credit card maxed out and their debit cards empty out since it's not their fault. Now that's what I call loyalty!

It's Sony's fault for not having the proper security in place to prevent this from happening. If they can't do that then they should not have a service. That's like blaming the robbers for taking your money from the bank...

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At least PSN is free, so people should not complain or expect a speedy response or fix for a service they do not pay for. You get what you pay for. Also, I would strongly suggest those who trusted a open environment as Sony fans used to brags about (unlike xbox live) with their credit card and personal information to keep an eye on their credit card transactions. If hackers were able to bring down the service that means most likely your information is now public domain.

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I am still on the sidelines when it comes to this game. I am a huge MMO fan and I do not mind paying the montly fee. My concern is that it may not be worth the buying the game + the montly fee + being in a console compare to the other known MMO games. The few reviews I saw say the game was OK but leaves a lot to desire. I will wait 1-2 weeks and see what people day about the final game and how it perform (lag etc) before I get in to.

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Don't bother trying to explain these 10 year old kids, or uneducated the obvious about stockholders, misleading investors with false data, and audits they will not understand. They believe that when Microsoft is talking sales is just to annoy the Sony fan who still believe that the PS3 is sold 50 million consoles in the US and the xbox 360 sold 20.

"Ever heard of lehman brothers? Lying to stockholders isn't unheard of." every heard what happened to lehman b...

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so.... let me guess... talking crap over Kinect ability to track motion, facial expression and translate that to a digital avatar as no other device has ever done is a bad thing. Let me guess PS3 Home who no one talks about it, or PS3 ice cream cone + web cam can do better? No long ago you Sony lovers were saying that Kinect was not able to track even finger... now your argument is that being able to do so + facial is not cool enough? wahhh... poor.. little baby. Sore?

True t...

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lol. Sony lovers are still sore that the media, the internet only talks about Kinect and rarely about the Mee too Sony ice cream cone. Even non-gamers tech people all over making all sorts of applications with the device. Their answer? talk about imaginary Kinect issues that do not exist, talk about their imaginary 20 xbox purchases and RRoD though they probably never owned an XBox. Just accept it, 5-6 years later the xbox 360 is still selling, Sony and the PS3 is last this generation, Sony&#...

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I am into MMO. My PS3 primary use is the occasional blu-ray movie, but if this game proves to be worth the $15/month + Game Price considering the many great MMO games on the PC without monthly subscription I will get it and play the heck out of it. I don't mind subscription fees for fun I do it with xbox live, did it for City of Heroes, FFXI, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, and others. The benefits of having a job and not crying like a little baby over the fee.

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definition for cloud computing: Computing in which services and storage are provided over the Internet.

I should know, I am a programmer developing cloud based software. You see.. xbox live is cloud based. a website is cloud base. server based multiplay is cloud base. Any game that plays online and require a remote service for keeping score, etc is using cloud based computing.

Don't confuse SAS (Software As Service) with cloud computing. Though SAS is...

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bear with me as I try to explain something that may be outside of your intellectual capabilities. Windows 8 is an operating system... Steam is a software that run and requires an operating system such as windows 8. If what Microsoft is saying was limited to digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform they would not be talking about an operating system but a software that would run in windows vista, windows 7... not really that far from xbox live. ...

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