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“ COD is always one of the best sellers yearly.”

How many of those sales are from casuals? All this means is there is a lot of people with bad taste in games.

Sales does not equal quality.

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"You make it sound so simple and easy. It's not. After release Hello Games poured countless hours into getting their game closer to what they originally wanted, without charging a penny to anyone. That's not normal."

People paid for the game at launch and got lied to. Now the game is what it SHOULD have been from the start (what people paid for) and we should be happy they aren't charging EXTRA? Its free because people ALREADY paid for the game at laun...

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Comeback from a lie by the developers? The only reason they worked on it after the fact is because they were met by backlash and got called out for lying, otherwise they would not have done anything.

Not that I have played the game in a while, but I assume they fixed the issue were all the planets were empty, or is that still an issue where its pretty much just generic, repeated, environments? Because, that really takes the "exploration" out of "space explora...

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I reckon there are 3 reasons behind the lower then expected sales of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth:

Cannibalization is one of the reasons
1 - Yakuza Infinite Wealth
2 - Persona 3 Remake
3 - Granblue Fantasy
4 - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All within, pretty much, a month from each other

Second reason, and this is just a wild guess, probably completely wrong - There are lots of people who don't follow ga...

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A new standard alright. 30 fps on a Series X....Yeah great job raising the bar..

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Not if its $70 for 5 hours

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Not surprised.
Game quality overall is dipping as the years go by. Not saying there are no great games, but overall, the sheer amount is not as big as it once was.

Funny this article just cropped up, as I am about to replay Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite :)

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How about you just fix the input lag? Stop releasing broken products
Not that I played the demo, as I don't like getting spoiled with games. Always want the first time to be a fresh experience.

Nevermind, just read the article. Seems like it was a TV issue.

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The video pretty much sums up why this game did not take off.

Did Team Ninja even bother looking at other open world games like Ghost of Tsushima, The Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2 and what made them so great? How alive and organic those worlds felt. Go play those open world games, then go play Rise of Ronin. The world feels lifeless and static.

Sadly and this is not being harsh on the developers, but some developers just do not have the passion, creat...

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This may be the final nail. Have Microsoft even signed a contract with AMD for next gen?
If Publishers are starting to feel like this, why even bother with next gen? No more exclusives, Publishers may not even bother putting 3rd Party games on XBox anymore. Why bother releasing another console?

This may be another Sega moment.

Before people rejoice, this means Sony have no competition. Nintendo don't really count as they are mostly catered to...

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I surely hope people aren't expecting 60fps in games on PS5 Pro.
Based on this video, you aren't going to get a big improvement, frame rate wise, on CPU intensive games.

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65% PC
35% PS5
This is my guess

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Kind of does not surprise me, unfortunately. Sounds like they tried to strive for something beyond their abilities (no offense intended). Nioh and Nioh 2 were fantastic, especially Nioh 2, but you could tell the weakness in a lot of cases was level design, though Nioh 2 did improve on this, it was still somewhat lacking.

Now going for an open world, this was going to be even more of a challenge to nail, which was already lacking.
Seems like they stream lined the co...

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Greed greed greed

They act like they are losing money.
One year they make 40 million
Next year they make 37 million

Instead of looking at that and saying “We made 37 million year 2”, they look at it and say “We lost 3 million year 2. Time to make layoffs”

Greedy Companies & Shareholders

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Sadly PS5 does not have much headroom, if any, to brute force poor optimisation. If indeed thats what it is, bad optimisation, or perhaps the game is very CPU bound.

There are other games like Spiderman 2 and Forbidden West, which look better and run at 60fps, but I assume those games are more GPU bound.

Either that or its poor optimisation, and people shouldn’t have to be like “I will just wait for PS5 Pro” to make up for developer shortcomings.

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This is what happens when you release a quality game and putting gamers first. This reminds me a lot of The Witcher 3, with the quality and gamer friendly focus.

Lets hope the success does not go to Larians head, like it did with CDPR

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Don't get this mentality. Nothing is stopping these people from buying a PS5

I don't get fanboyism and refusing to purchase a competitors console.

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No idea why people pay attention to DF.

They always show/compare textures/graphical detail with stills, with a zoom level.

When you are playing a game at normal levels (No zoom) are you going to go up close to your monitor or TV and look at the pixel differences on that wall or that foilage? Of course not, you will be too busy playing the game to notice or bother.

DF are pointless for this very reason.

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"It just looks like you're walking through the same area over and over again.", and she's right. Too much of this game just looks and plays the same. Exploring isn't fun because there's rarely anything new to find, anything new to see. We don't get different biomes on the planets, each is all just the same thing the whole planet over. No deserts, no snowy mountains, no ice caps, no lush green landscapes and forests, just the same old thing over and over." ...

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The problem with this there are more dumb consumers out there, who like garbage, then smart ones. Unless that changes, this will only get worse.

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