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Weapon slots will not be changed, so give it up on that. This is how things will be for Destiny 2. Bungie did not make the change simply to 'changes things up' it is based on one thing and one thing only, Snipers, Shotguns and Fusion Rifles were the most difficult thing for Bungie to balance in Destiny 1 for both PvP and PvE.

Let's face it, in PvE we were able to find ways to absolutely MELT bosses with certain combinations of weapons, to the point where PvE bos...

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If you're a PC gamer then why do you give two shits about PS2 or PS3 games?

The vast majority of the best games from those platforms have been re-released with HD versions that are better to play ANYWAY.

I really honestly don't care at all about cross-platform play.

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Haven't they been this the whole entire time?

Aren't most Americans in general just assholes that no one likes?

XD hahahaha

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Add the cost of 16TB worth of hard drives to the already overpriced console.......

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Most of the Xbox fangirls on this forum are the target demographic, so you'll probably see a lot of backlash on articles like this. But the facts are that the article makes a good point. Yes the Xbox One X is a premium product, in a market/demographic where there is no requirement for one, nor is there much commercial viability.

For the One X to be a commercial success, you'll need to shift units, this is an indisputable fact. To shift units, you will need to target...

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Nek minut, Microsoft cancels one of their first promising new IP's in years. Lol.

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so this is why all of Microsoft's games suck

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How does "Nintendo switch has the lowest specs of all consoles" translate to "the gaming industry is no longer limited by technical specs".


Part of the reason why Nintendo's previous consoles have largely failed is because of their specs.

It's a shame that SO much of today's journalism is entirely based on one person's personal opinion and absolutely zero research.

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So what?

Is a guy not allowed to walk around his home in his underwear. You bunch of PC prudes.

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This is obviously a young person or kid. Can't fault them for their passion, just has a LOT to learn.

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It's funny how trivialized homosexuality has become, and it's all BECAUSE of SJW's, not in spite of them.

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It doesn't matter who develops a game if that developer has signed an agreement with a publisher. EA would have controlled the release window.

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End of fin year is end of June.

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How about dice fix the server problems they introduced with 1.04. It's like battlefield 4 all over again now after a really smooth launch. Rubber banding like absolute crazy.

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I read the article and I want my 5 minutes back that you've wasted.

But seriously I'm sick of seeing these articles which are written entirely from one random dudes opinion and not based on ANY real world economical or financial research.

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1. Backwards compatability is one of those things where IF ASKED people would say they want it, but in reality it won't affect their choice of system.

2. Mod support only impacts Bethesda games. Most console Bethesda players won't even know it is a new feature.

3. How the heck is ps vita relevant in any way to the console market? It was NEVER a reason for the ps4s success.

4. The Scorpio is still only a design until it is offic...

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Battlefield 1 season pass is almost $80 AUD. EVEN MORE THAN THE GAME WAS!!!! I can't understand how they can justify it.

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End of Hello Games?

Regardless of the critic outcome, they made tonnes of cash off this game. How the heck would it be the end of them?

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It's almost 2017 and I am still seeing console war articles.

The gaming community needs to grow up.

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I can sum it all up as one reason:

1) if you are an Xbox fangirl.

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