I am not a fan boy..I am a TROLL :)
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As long as im alive i will forever not support the wii and the wii 2 or what ever they call it can go to hell..PS3 FTW (-__-)

JON_ABOBO Is my psn ID ...I dare u in a game of KillZone 3 or COD BLACK OPS >:)

I am a troll not a fan boy...:D

I luv Trolling :D :D :D

@Bloodraid(BELOW) Ive been banned for 60days b4 :D...Me and the mods have a personal battle. :)

Every websites need a troll :)

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LOL@ X BOXS...They have no real exclusives to play so they have to stick to multi platform games....I still luv my 360 and il b getting gears 3 day 1 :D

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Why the hell do people still wanna play old ps2 games....??????

R u people from earth?!!!! :/

@JEZUZ(BELOW)....U must b a retard.

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PS3 Exclusives sequels are the best.

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Killzone 2-3 Still d king of graphics on consles (-_-)

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I am a troll :D

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And d cod trolls comes in 5-4-3-2-1 saying d same old shit about y dey hate cod wen in reality no one gives a fuck what they say and millions r still online enjoying d Multi player.. For u ignorant fuckers saying cod is just a campers paradise then what do u call da marksman class in killzone 3...u get a camper who is invincible that scrambles ur radar with a machine pistol that has a silencer so wen u shot u can't detect it and wen u kill wiv d silencer u still Stay invibsible... I bliv...

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Oh pls shut up.. I'm sick of all u cod cry babies... We get it. U dnt like d game and u like bf3 but we don't need u trolling all cod articles saying d same shit.. Other people like cod and not just 13 Years old.. I'm a 22year old uni student and my mates play cod... God damn u guys make me sick... U do know outside n4g nd d internet cod has a huge fan base of people who don't give a fuck what da internet says about ur so called innovation of bf3... Codmw3 day 1 for me (-_-)

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LOL...This game is so bad but i luv it...I just like mindless shooters..All i wanna c is explosions and big guns :D

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I dont have a problem with fan boys...What i find really strange is how some people worship an electronic device with a logo on it is beyond me..ITS NOT A LIVING THING!!!

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I missed the hole e3 ..Can some1 fill me in on whats hot and whats not???

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I understand y he said dont care and i o not care as well..Think about it, ur playing a game online moving in a fast pace how many gamers do u think will actually have time to start doing cross game voice chat when in that little time they could have got a couple of kills???

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leaked or not we all know halo 4 will b announced sooner or later...Just like COD,GTA,MARIO...e.t.c games like this will always have a sequel.

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I still dont know how EDGE gets a free pass when time and time again they show they are bias against the ps3.

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Im not gonna doubt this article...This game has some demon forces...Look what it did to this kid. http://youtu.be/Z6yLccrj_t8


Or him http://youtu.be/N9uRYi0bOK8

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If this is real the PS4 will b 1,000 times more powerful than this!!!

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WOW....It dose not get any lamer than saying FIRST!!!...WTF. R u even serious?!?!?!?!?!?! :/

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I think we all know MGS5 (A ps3 exclusive) Will b shown sooner or later.

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WTF....The title should b called one average arcade game...Nothing epic about this.

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