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I'm too lazy to keep calibrating this kinda stuff. Lack of "standard" entertainment center helps too.

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Well, I bought an Xbox One 2-3 months ago for Halo, Gears and Quantum Break. I'm actually happy it is coming to PC, although I did have some mixed feelings when I read it for the first time.

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I had the OLED and now I have the LCD.

Rayman looks better on OLED.
Killzone looks better on LCD.

Brighter colors x better blacks and whites

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Just got a Xbox One a couple of months ago. It is incredibly more silent than my PS4.

I say bigger is better in this case.

And what is the problem with the power brick? Mine stays on the floor

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The gunplay was awesome.

Pacing and length should be better though.

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Collecting things in open world games is the new thing....
Pressing "A" for Awesome makes a great gameplay....

Not clicking in the article. Maybe it has a point, but it is not getting a click with this title.

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Maybe because it prioritises 60 fps on consoles over effects?

Or is it because it is gameplay-oriented insted of fetch quests, way-points and press A for awesome?

Maybe because we know beforehand what the season pass will be?

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^_____ this here is right!

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But please, with a confirmation prompt. I don't want to skip a cut-scene while trying to pause the game.

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Yes, just like other sports game.

We have new maps, new DLC maps, some random novelty, new gun balance. I like it.

It's more than most sports games.

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In most cases I prefer higher res instead of higher details.

But I have to say that Stars Wars Battlefront is a good example on how 900p can look crispy as well.

It depends a lot on how is the AA used. Black Ops 3 on PS4 has a more vaseline look than Battlefront, despite being 1080p

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I put the game on a holt. Not a fan of sims (DC is much more of a sim than of a arcade game).

I will definetly come back. Maybe not too late for me.

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Game runs bad - people complain
Game does not look jaw-dropping - people complain

Guys, if it is like this, everyone get a PC right now. Or accept the compromises for the game to run well.

Downgrade? Footage was from PC, was it not?

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Patch included? Cool!

(I was referring to the day one patch above)

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It would be nice to be available to preload as well, if they can make it by one or two days before launch.

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I call fidely the extra stuff going on, shadows, particles, photorealism and so on.

Resolution/IQ is for how crispy and clean the image looks, despite how simple or complex it is.

I might be wrong though.

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though I also have this one:

FPS >> resolution/image quality > fidelity

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I dont' know. But the gameplay from Horizon is quite deep. And that's important to me. Usually gameplay in open world games are a bit meh. Horizon was a positve surprise.

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Killzone: talks about graphics, story and "last-gen gameplay"

It is mainly a MP game, just saying...

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Press "A" for awesome. Just like Batman, Mordor... meh

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