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Once upon a time, Diablo was a gory, horror-themed action RPG. Diablo 3 changed into a colorful, streamlined fantasy adventure kind of thing that was clearly designed to be as inoffensive to as many potential buyers as possible....and it worked.

It's a bit surprising they've taken a step back into gothic horror given the popularity of D3, but for us old codgers that grew up with the first two, this is a nice step in the right direction to reclaiming what made the f...

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Yeah, I'm kind of in the same boat. I respect the hell out of him for sticking HARD to his guns and only ever making what he wants to make and I hope he keeps doing that forever, because it sets a very good example for the rest of the industry.

After the first Metal Gear Solid, though, his games just have not been for me...but I suppose that's kind of the point. TONS of people love his games, so why is it that he can't make them? Why should ANY developers be obl...

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I dislike Trump AND Colbert, personally. There are a few of us out there capable of thinking outside of this ridiculous bipartisan system we've established in the U.S.

Colbert (like most politic-centric comedians these days) are masters of low hanging fruit. That's why I dislike most of them. It has nothing to do with politics, ironically.

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The sound quality argument is old game at this point. Everyone (on both sides of the argument) is missing the point. Listening to a record is an enjoyable ritual in and of itself. If it's not for you, it's not for you. I just like the process of listening to vinyl. I don't need to justify anything.

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I think people are more commenting on the absolute stupidity and frivolity of copyright law these days, not whether or not Iron Maiden could actually win a lawsuit.

I hope they didn't get a freaking dime. That was a mic-drop move by 3DRealms, if you ask me, especially after all the BS they went through with Gear Box.

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Dun dun, dun duh dun...
Duh duh dun dun, dun duh dun.

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You're probably thinking of the hit Capcom action franchise "Devil May Cry."

This list is for the far superior "Devil Mary Cry" games.

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I understand that you get your revenue from ads. So stop hosting malicious ads, and I'll start disabling ad-blocker.

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That's a hell of a thumbnail...

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EA is going to need that link, nifu. You should get with them.

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There's just something so ironic about this particular instance being considered "un-PC."

Like, I can understand making the case that this game doesn't necessarily need to be historically accurate, but to try and champion the decision as some kind of grand statement on diversity and political correctness almost feels revisionist in nature.

These times are just absolutely insane. It used to be hyperbole to ...

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The flawed logic here is that people still seem to assume that they WANT to be redeemed. They make too much money being despicable. Why would they ever feel compelled toward good will?

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I'm not disabling adblocker, sorry. When you assholes stop hosting dangerous ads, then maybe I'll consider it.

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Alone in the Dark pretty much laid the groundwork for the genre, actually, and there were quite a few games prior to RE that played with elements of survival horror (Sweet Home).

RE is the first game that they coined the actual term "survival horror" for, and it was definitely the game that popularized it, though. I don't think anyone is scoffing at the legitimacy of the franchise, but it certainly wasn't historically the "Father of them."

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I don't know, maybe you're right....

The Last of Us has always been well written, so maybe they'll do a good job of contextualizing everything. I've just seen way, way too many stories lately tipping into pandering simply because of the current political climate.

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I'm not complaining that she's a lesbian. I just remember pretty clearly not ever wondering or caring which way either Joel or Ellie swung in the first game...but now that we're in this new age of identity politics, it's all of a sudden supposed to be what I care most about in a character.

The extreme irony of the "identity" movement has just by large led to some really, really ham-fisted, contrived, shitty writing these last few years.

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Yeah, I was not expecting the Japanese setting. Almost like FromSoftware is looking Nioh right in the eye, and saying like, "...yeah, what of it?"

Looks really, really awesome to me, personally.

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Hell, look at Fifty Shades. It's about a goddamn stalker that's attractive enough that women don't mind that he's a stalker...and yet women have managed to carry three crappy books and three crappy movies into massive success.

...and we can't have a few boobs and the occasional cringy sex scene thrown into our games for some reason.

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Yeah, that combat...

I would give it to Bloodborne at this point. There are games that do many things better than it, but we've come to a point in gaming where the best games do not really exemplify the strengths of the medium. They look good, or they have good stories, or they are super addicting, or this or that.

Bloodborne exemplifies all that makes videogames in particular great.

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Don't mean to play devil's advocate here, because I think this is one of the rare games that does open world right, but it actually makes less sense for Kratos and his son to be randomly exploring different realms that have absolutely nothing to do with their goal, especially considering the writers go out of their way to let the player know that Kratos does not like to be distracted by trivialities.

I will admit that it always ...

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